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Paleo Noodles and Nutty Sauce

More substitutions than usual when I adapt a recipe! No grains in these 'noodles' made from konjac; almond butter instead of peanut, enoki mushrooms swapped in for bean sprouts, and of course you'd want cold/expelled pressed sesame oil or something similar. Worcestershire from the UK doesn't have HFCS in it; I don't know about this brand I picked from Spark's database. I also removed the added sugar, especially since there should be enough in the rice wine to give this "sweet and spicy" dish all the zing it needs!

Paleo Kugula

Adapted from a Lithuanian recipe (removed flour, swapped in sweet potato for white, subbed heavy cream for milk). As always, it's "more paleo" without dairy, but I list it for those who include it in their diet.

My Paleo Tandoori

My family and I have adapted this from a number of different spice combinations we saw in various recipes, as well as modifying it to be more paleo like using coconut oil instead of corn oil.

Cole Slaw

This is a traditional German recipe adapted for paleo (no added sugar, better quality oil). Dairy-free folks might try coconut milk to substitute for creme fraiche.

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