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Recipes I've Shared:

Malaysian-Style Pancake (Lempeng Kelapa)

this `lempeng` is best served with spicy sambal,or any spicy gravy/curry..can also be eaten with sugar..traditionally,the pancake is served on banana leaves,as it gives away a pleasing aroma that u just cant stop at 1 serve!

Chicken & Peas Fried Rice

This recipe is made with whatever is left in the fridge.very versatile, u can replace with different vege as u please.main ingredient is rice and minced chicken.Suitable for people with limited time to cook.If the rice has been cooked before hand(leftovers) will be even faster!

Stuffed Roasted Duck

I made this yesterday out of the blue,coz we were out looking for turkey, and we settled with duck coz there was no turkey available.. all at home enjoyed it a lot. We had never had duck before,it was our fist time..eating with the stuffing was really filling!

Very Good (1 rating)

simple dish,and best served with steamy white rice