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Recipes I've Shared:

Lemon Terragon Chicken

Very simple and tasty mid-day summer meal served over bed of Butter Leaf Lettuce. Also makes for easy workday lunch, if it can be kept cool.

Tamales from El Salvador (1Tamale = 1serving)

This recipe was shared with me by a friend from El Salvador. They are not spicy and have much less oil/grease than Mexican Tamales. They are very time consuming to prepare and can be done in 2 stages, if needed.

4 Bean Soup Mix

Basically a good Low Sodium Bean soup that will go well with BBQ or as good base for chilli for those on Sodium Restricted Diets

Oatmeal Smoothie

If you don't feel like cooking your oatmeal or for a hot summer morning get the benefits of a bowl of oatmeal without heating up the kitchen to cook it. Better nutrition than microwave oatmeal. This recipe was shared with me, for days when I don't feel like cooking anything, by a caregiver from El Salvador and is quite good.

Salmon Caserole

A variation of a traditional favorite substituting Salmon for Tuna fish. Since I found Salmon in Alaska, I prefer it's richer flavor to the blander taste of Tuna. The richest Salmon flavor is in COHO (Silver) King, or Sockeye varieties. Chum and Pink Salmon are milder in taste. Sockeye, COHO and Chum or Pink are the most common varieties (depending on the brand name) found in cans but try to get those that say 'Wild Alaska' for best and most consistent quality. I am learning to can my own fresh caught salmon which is really the best. This is a good dish for Pot-Luck occasions or to make the night before a busy day, refrigerate and heat. It is also very good served cold as a workday or brown sack lunch as it can easily be carried and eaten from a Ziploc plastic bag without spilling.

Turkey Rice Soup, Homecooked

Soup made from leftover Rice and Thanksgiving Day Turkey.

Erin's Guacamole for Mom

Erin removed the Onions and Tomatoes from this recipe because of my food allergies to the fresh items in question. Thank you so much! Everyone else can add fresh tomatoes and onions to taste.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

The only seasonings in this recipe are from the Spaghetti Sauce base. Nothing is added to the ground beef when browned and the spaghetti used is sodium free pasta and no salt is added with cooking.

Wick Fowler's False Alarm Chili

Winner of numerous Chili Cook-offs before going public in stores all over Texas and Louisiana (including WalMart, HEB and Kroger). I have to import the kit from my kids in Texas because I can't find it in Alaska; but, I'm trying to educate store managers about it so I can get it here too. I have never found any other chili that compares; I am from the Texas Gulf Coast (I moved to Alaska after my children were grown).

Naturally Flavored Water

For all those who do not like the taste of water or suffer from abdominal discomfort when drinking large quantities (like me). The juice concentrate alters the surface tension of the water so it causes less abdominal/gastric distention and discomfort. It also adds a nice hint of flavor. The sugar is optional, I find it enhances the flavor of the juice.

Country Gizzards 'n' Rice

Chicken Gizzards simmered in white gravy with green beans, carrots and whole kernel corn served over rice