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Paul Bertolli's cauliflower soup
lli-s-cauliflower-soup BEST cauliflower soup I've had in my life!

Paleo Muffins

Paleo Muffins

Carly's Chicken and Butternut Squash Chili

Super Yummy and very nutritious! Great way to sneak in those veggies too!

Turkey Chili

Modified from Fit and Fed:

Sante Fe Chicken Chili

Broccoli Soup

Carly's Fabulous Soup

A delicious way to get your veggies!

Carly's beef and veggie Quinoa

Very hearty Lunch with almost equal amounts of carbs and protein

Carly's yummy (and Gluten free) sausage and veggie Quiche

I needed something fast for me to take with me to eat right after working out (I usually head to work straight from the gym), and this was the easiest, most nutritious thing for me!

Very Good (1 rating)
Carly's flavorful Quinoa and Bison Beef Dish

A flavorful dish that has just the right amount of Fat, Carbs (and fiber), and protein! Great to pre cook and take with you to work for lunch!

Carly's Vegetable and lean beef GF lasagna

(courtesy of my cousin who has a daughter who is also living Gluten free)

Strawberry and Spinach salad

Made a couple of MINOR changes

Fish with scallops and crab meat sauce

A lower calorie version of that served in restaurants

Carly's copycat Egg muffins

These are actually from Codyjo. I just adapted to suit my own needs and I wanted to lower to calorie and fat intake

Chicken and Quinoa patties (GF)

A little bit unconventional!

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