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Banana Nut Bread

This is the recipe my family always made for our baked goods booth at our local Farmer's Market - it was always a favorite with our customers!

This has nuts, but you can simply leave them out if you don't like nuts in your banana bread. This recipe can be made into one regular-size loaf of bread, but we always made this into 4 of the small mini-loafs (you can find the foil pans for these at your grocery store, most likely). This way you can keep one out for snacking and freeze the rest - they freeze and thaw very well.


** Don't be turned off by the high calorie count on this one - this is per mini-loaf. If you're only enjoying a slice or two, this isn't too bad as a snack. We generally thaw out one mini-loaf and it's shared between the 4 in my family, making it only about 250 calories each.

Spaghetti Sauce

Homemade spaghetti sauce from my family recipe

Meatloaf Burgers

This is an absolute favorite of mine - not liking ground hamburger as much as the rest of my family, nor do I enjoy the flavors of meatloaf - my mother and I created this make-do meatloaf, in burger form, using pork rather than hamburger. They're extremely simple and so very tasty; but remember they're really basic, the only seasoning is the salt. If you're still craving your meatloaf flavors, you could do as my father/brother do and smother it with ketchup. I for one, think they're perfect as is.

Basil Red Pepper spread

not as delicious as I had hoped - this was devised in an attempt to recreate a great sandwich spread I had on a deli creation from HyVee.

Homemade Hamburger Helper - Lasagna

NOT A DIET FOOD - I love this recipe, but it's one to save for those days you feel like splurging. Between the meat and the cheese in this recipe, the calories get pretty high for one meal.

Hamburger Helper powder mix

This powder mix is used in my Homemade Hamburger Helper Lasagna recipe.

Cheesecake Snacks

A great little snack for the end of a meal. Easy to make!

Morning Fruit Smoothie

I like this smoothie in the morning as a quick breakfast or as a great post-workout snack. Because of the Breakfast Shake powder mix I use in this recipe, it's not really a low calorie beverage, this smoothie is more for a good quick start to your day when you don't have time for a full breakfast but are getting bored with just the plain shake mix (like I did).

Pizza Dough

This recipe is broken down from my mother's dough recipe. It makes enough for one larger crust or two small/thin crusts. (The dough puffs up a bit when cooking, so take that into consideration when spreading it out. If it's not spread thinner, you will end up with a nice thick crust.)


This is normally made with my mother's homegrown tomatoes and her homemade tomato juice (which has a variety of spices added to it, V8 is the closest I can find) ... this tastes much better with her stuff, of course, but this "store-bought" version is still quite tasty.

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Pamesan Garlic Cream Cheese spread

This delicous spread is great on warm bread or with some pita. I've guessed on the number of servings because it makes a bigger tub and it all depends on how much you feel like spreading on.

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Catalina Chicken Stir-fry

I call this Catalina stir fry because that's what the original recipe was called, as I got this recipe from a Kraft magazine and it called for Catalina salad dressing, but I prefer the Wishbone Western dressing.

Egg Noodles

a simple egg noodle recipe

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