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Recipes I've Shared:

Bulgarian cornmeal cake

Great served warm for breakfast. Good on the go.

Kemalpasa tatlisi

Delicious Turkish dessert, somewhat similar to the Indian gulab jamun.

Egyptian Sweet Couscous Dessert


Chef John's Chocolate Lava Cake

See link for a video of how to make:

Caramel creme

This is the better version of flan, much lighter and tastier!

Steel cut oats (made the night before)

A great healthy idea from theKitchn website:

Zucchini souffle

Great summer meal!

Julienne chicken

Delicious heavy creamy chicken!

Sweet (chocolate) sausage

Great homemade chocolate dessert

Italian tiramisu

Delicious desert

Very Good (1 rating)
Bulgarian Shopska salad

The famous and everyone's favorite salad!

Chicken livers

A very nice traditional Bulgarian meal.