Recipes I've Shared:

Chicken and Veg casserole

Warming chicken and vegetable casserole

Smoked Salmon Pasta Sauce

Yummy creamy smoked salmon pasta sauce

Cauliflower and Chickpea curry

Tasty, spicy veggie curry

Easy Banana Bread

Quick and easy banan bread recipe

Chilli and Ginger Beef Stir Fry

Spicy and Warming Beef stir fry

Lemony Ginger Chinese Stir Fry Chicken

Refreshing Zesty Chicken Stir Fry

Carrot, Apple and Ginger Smoothie

Refreshing and healthy smoothie

Melon, Berry and Banana Smoothie

Honeydew melon, frozen berry, banana and yoghurt smoothie

Banana and Berry Smoothie

Yoghurt, banana and frozen berry smoothie

Potato, Mixed Bean and Carrot Bake

Wholesome potato and carrot bake with beans for added protein

Fish Pie - Tesco Recipe Card

Delicious autumn comfot food

Sausage and Vegetable Casserole

Tasty sausage and mixed veg casserole

Jamie's Seafood Stew

Yummy seafood stew

Chicken stuffed with sausage in garlic and tomato sauce

Chicken breast stuffed with sausage, wrapped inbacon and covered in garlic tomato sauce

Stir fry- spinach, soft cheese and bacon

Quick stir fry with baon and soft cheese for flavour

Spicy Thai Noodle Soup with prawns

Warming and flavourfull thai noodle soup

My 2 egg scrambled eggs

Light fluffy scrambled eggs

Courgette Soup

homemade courgette soup

Greek Salad

Tasty Quick Greek Salad

Tuna and prawn pasta bake

tasty seafood pasta bake

Chorizo stir fry

spicy chorizo sausage and veggie stir fry

Mushroom, Garlic and Celery soup

Tasty mushroom soup with a difference

Carrot cupcakes

deliscious carrot cupcakes with soft cheese icing

Soba noodle soup

Tasty coconut milk based soup

Mushroom Soup

Tasty homemade mushroom soup

Prawn Thai Green curry

Warm and spicy prawn curry

Bacon and Bean Veggie Stew

Hearty and wholesome veggie stew

Lamb Tagine

spicy moroccon style lamb stew

Lentil and Bacon soup

Hearty and flavoursome lentil soup

Carrot and Ginger Soup

warming carrot and ginger soup

Salami and veggie quick stir fry

quick veggie stir fry with salami

Lemon ginger chicken stir fry

Zesty refreshing chicken stir fry

Roasted pepper soup

Tasty red pepper soup

Prawn, cherry tomato and spinach curry

Light and deliscious prawn curry

Quick stir fry

Green veggie stir fry with soy and honey

Leftover turkey chilli

A great way to use up leftover Christmas turkey meat

Chicken and veggie stir fry

Tasty veg filled chcken stir fry

Homemade venison burger

Tasty homemade venison mince burger

Hearty Leek and Potato soup

Deliscious winter warmer leek and potato soup.

Green Thai prawn curry

Tasty spicy prawn curry

Banana Bread

Tasty moist banana bread

Beef Thai Green Curry

Tasty creamy Thai green curry

Lemon prawn vegetable stirfry

Light creamy prawn stirfry

Diced Beef Stir Fry

A quick stir fry with beef and vegies

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