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Chicken, spinach and cheese on Toast (South Beach Phase 2 &3 friendly)

I was tired of eggs for breakfast and pulled this together this morning. You could use the same ingredients and just ONE piece of bread, or reduce ingredients to go with one piece of bread. I couldn't find baby spinach in the calculator but it is best with baby spinach leaves. Gluten free bread can be used.

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South Beach Egg and Spinach Cups

From the South Beach cookbook; a phase one recipe. I prefer it with a bit more egg than is listed here but this is the original recipe.

Vegetable Soup

This is a great vegetable soup. It is very filling, easy to make, high in vegetables and low in calories. I like it slightly spicier so I shake in some red pepper flakes.

Egg White and Vegetable Breakfast Casserole

We were out of eggs but had egg whites so I improvised! This is an egg casserole you could substitute or add lots of others vegetables to (spinach would probably be particularly yummy) or trade out the cheese for another variety to your own taste, such as cheddar or feta. A quick prep and enough time for a shower or that first cup of coffee while it bakes in the oven.

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Cheesy Stuffed Shells (Food Network)

This recipe is by Melissa D'Arabian and was publiched in the October 2009 Food Network Magazine (page 90). It includes lots of veggies and uses tofu and cottage cheese instead of riccota etc.


The ingredient list can be modified to suit what is in season or what is in your refrigerator. Lots of chopping but otherwise easy and worth it!

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Mediterranean Pita Pocket Sandwiches

This is really yummy, and you can save a few calories based on your pita pocket choice.

Penny's Garlic Cheese Meatballs

These are absolute favorites of my kids. They are so full of garlic and cheese that they are very fragrant. These are much better when marinated in sauce for several hours before eating them. This recipe can easily be reduced or increased.

Penne with Kale and Tomatoes and Olives (Sharon's)

I got this recipe from a fitness trainer, who explained that foods high in micronutrients are awesome choices, and kale is at the top of that list.

American Chop Suey

A variation of a yummy dish my mother in law makes. This tastes wonderful with ground beef but ground turkey is much leaner. Use homemade or low sodium tomato sauce if sodium is a concern.

Banana Pancakes

This recipe is GREAT! For our large family I usually triple it. leftovers freeze well but there usually aren't any. My family loves these "as is" and also with chocolate chips sprinkled in. The more times you sift the dry ingredients the fluffier the pancakes will be. (Note: this original recipe was posted on allrecipes by Andrea.)

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Coconut Curry Chicken (Rachel Ray's)

This is my FAVORITE Rachel Ray recipe, and I found it on-line at everyday with rachel ray. It is not overly spicy; you could spcie it up to your taste.

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