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Recipes I've Shared:

Vegan Stuffed Squash

suitable for Nutritarian diet, Starch Solution, Forks Over Knives or Engine 2 diets

Mixed Greens Soup

a mix of recipes from the web to use up greens from the garden

Blackstrap Iron Tonic

Blackstrap molasses is a good source of iron and magnesium

Apple Detox Smoothie

can be used on a 3 day Apple Cleanse

Crockpot Leg Quarters

Just throwon together, "seat of the pants" cooking

Carrot Pulp

Another way to use up carrot pulp...

Indian Spiced Carrot Pulp Soup

A way to use the pulp left over from juicing carrots. Note I did not measure the spices while cooking, be sure to adjust to your palate.

Cantaloupe Butter

I had to pick a melon out of my garden before it was ripe. It had no taste. What to do? I made this!

Whole Wheat Baked Oven Pancake with Fruit

adapted from Heavenly Homemakers
Calories for garden huckleberries are estimated by using the nutrition data for tomatoes, to which the garden huckleberry is related.

Husband's Eggy Oatmeal

This is the way my husband prefers his oatmeal.

Ruby Veggie Smoothie (with Beetroot)

Good breakfast for cleansing - like having a scrub brush go through your colon!
My husband turned me on to this.

Tomato Tea Sinus Remedy

Hugh's Oat Bran with Egg

This is the way my husband likes me to make hot cereals, also I do this with oatmeal.

Biscotti al Cioccolato e Mandorle

This is my adaptation of a recipe sent to me by one of my girlfriends - thanks, Debbie! I have used whole grain flour and honey. Note - in Italy, butter is never salted!

Basic Wholegrain Bread (Plain)

from "The Art of Breadmaking," given to me by a neighbor

Recipes I've Rated: