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Fancy Franks

Not so healthy, but great for parties. The guys love em!

Chili Cheese Dog Casserole

Quick and Easy...the Whole Meal in one pan

Amy's Brussels Sprouts and pasta

A creamy lemon and yogurt sauce takes the bitterness from the sprouts. Complimented by the subtle bitterness of swiss cheese and nutty flavor of whole wheat pasta, the sprouts are "not your mom's greens"

Amy's Feta Dill Hummus

Super easy and filling. Feta cheese and dill weed provide a tang that compliments the spicy garlic and white pepper

Spicy Summer Southwest Soup

A grest dish served hot or cold, this soup is a meal in a bowl. Tomatoes, lime, and cayenne provide an increase in metabolism, while black beans bring fiber a protein to keep you full.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Amy's Fresh Cucumber Apple Salad

Cool and refreshing on a hot day. The tanginess of the dill and vinegar compliment the sweetness of the apple and cucumber, all held together by a smidge of honey

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