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Recipes I've Shared:

Twice Baked Cheesy Potato's for the RSG

A baked potato Recipe for the GT Xpress Redi-Set-Go

Cheesy Spicy Steak Fajita's

A great tasting spicy steak fajita recipe for the GT RSG or the GT 101.

Barbecue Chicken Breast

E-Z Barbecue chicken in your GT Xpress RSG or GT 101.

Pepperjack Cheese and Salsa Chicken

For the GT Xpress RSG or 101

Pepper Jack Cornbread

For the GT Xpress 101 or the GT Redi-Set-Go

Chili Cheese Dog Burrito's

A chilli Cheese Dog wrap fun for kids... or anyone....
Note: Depending on the ingredents you use the nutritional info will vary greatly..

Canadian Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast

A Low Carb breakfast for the GT Xpress 101 or GT RSG with dividor pan insert.

Easy Quesadilla's

Easy meatless Quesadilla's for The GT Xpress and GT RSG at under a 150 calories each.

Pepperoni pizza wraps

an easy tasty wrap that good for a snack or a light lunch.. great for kids..

Grilled Meatloaf Sandwich

A easy grilled sandwich for leftover meatloaf..

P.S. I use 90% lean beef in my meatloaf... The nutritional info for this is only an approxamation not exact. It depends on what ingredients you use for your meatloaf

Low-Cal Veg and Cheese Omelette

A breakfast omelette at around 100 caleries.

Directions are for those using the GT Xpress, but could also be made with a standard grill.

Easy Garlic Bread

An Easy Garlic Bread for the GT Xpress

Not a reduced calerie food as is.. but very good with spaghetti.

Stromboli Pockets

A strumboli style sandwich pocket that is good for on the go lunch's.

This version is made with the GT Xpress series kitchen appliance. It could also be made in the oven also.

Ham, Egg, & Cheese English Muffin

A Tasty Breakfast sandwich made with the GT Express.

Not a super health food but not that bad for you if you are good at controling your portions.

This recipe could also be easly duplicated using standard cooking techniques. Just not as fast.

Grilled Spicy Mustard Ham and Cheese

A very tasty grilled ham and cheese made with spicy brown mustard and a hint of garlic.

This recipe made on my GT Xpress RSG but could be made on the 101 or just on a standard electric grill.

Taco Pockets

Not an overly healthy dish but great for kids or anyone who likes taco based foods.

For the GT Xpress Redi-set-go and GT 101 food cookers as seen on TV.

Spicy egg burrito

Spicy Egg burrito recipe for use with the GT Xpress redi set go or the GT 101

Soft Taco Melt

A healthier version of Taco Bell's mexi-melt, and an easy recipe for the GT Xpress RSG or the GT 101.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Cheese Pizza with Onion.

an easy pizza recipe for the GT Redi set go.

This one would be hard to duplicate in the GT101.

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GT Xpress Cooking
Recipes Featured in My new Spark Team Called, Cooking with the GT Express Redi-Set-Go & GT 101 I plan to add more recipe's as time goes by for my Team.