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Recipes I've Shared:

Keto 'Noatmeal

Filling warm cereal

Low Carb Chocolate Pudding

Missing chocolate pudding? Try this out! Plus you get a dose of omega 3s.

Keto friendly Almond Joy Fat Bombs

Need more fat in your diet to keep your macros in check? Check these out, WOW

I Can't Believe I'm NOT Cheating Brownies

You might think brownies are off the menu now that you're trying to lose weight. Give these a try - you won't believe you're not cheating!!

Alana's Pho

A nice chicken soup with an Asian twist. For more authenticity, add a couple of tablespoons of Pho Paste...

No Bake Coconut Flour Granola Bars

Want to add some fiber to your breakfast? Try these! Each piece adds 3 grams of fiber to your morning (or snack-time) routine. We've all heard about how coconut oil revs your metabolism, and that combined with fiber will help keep you fuller for longer. Grab one when you're having a sweets craving.
Gluten free and vegan, this is a must-try for everybody!!

Oven Roasted Carrot Soup

Something nice, to use up the limp carrots you've just found in the bottom of your fridge.

Steamed Fiddleheads

Instead of passing-by these baby ferns in the grocery store, try this as an alternative to asparagus, green beans or artichoke!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Breakfast and Snacks
Mains - Chicken
Cakes, cookies, brownies, everything to blow your calorie count. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
Mains - Vegetarian
Dips and Sauces
Mains - Pork & Ham
Popsicles and other Frozen Treats
Mains - Fish
Mains - Poultry
No Saturated Fats!!
Mains - Vegetarian and Vegan
CANNING!! (fruit and veg)
Mains - Beef
I have been on Ideal Protein phase 1 since July 7, 2016 and am seeing fantastic results (10 lbs of fat lost in 2 weeks...) I am totally looking forward to incorporating "real food" AKA homemade food back into my diet. I suspect I will be on phase 1 until September 2016.
Keto - mains - Fish
Keto - mains - Pizza
Keto - Breakfast
Keto - Mains - Beef/Chicken/Turkey
Keto - Desert
Keto - Mains - Eggs
Keto - Mains - Vegetarian
Slow Cooker