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Protein Apple Pumpkin Fiber cookies

Protein and fiber packed snack

Secret Chocolate Cake

This is so simple you just mix it together. It is the perfect kids birthday party cake! The original recipe uses 2 cups of sugar which is too sweet for me. The secret is pouring boiling water over the other mixed ingredients this smooths the mixture out so you can do it easily by hand...I serve this with 1/3 cup vanilla ice cream and 2 Tbls. Whipped cream Yum!

Veggie Hi Protein Crustless Quiche

Hoping the kids will eat this one although it is good for Mom's too...

Very Good (3 ratings)
Low Fat Granola

If you want something crunchy and healthy, not fattening and not too sweet... one 1/4C serving = 105 calories compared to 250 of regular granola. 2 Tablespoons are approx 42 calories

Chocolate Chia Super Protein Fiber Power Snack

Very healthy drink/dessert great for energy and vibrant health!

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