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Banana Berries Ice-pops

found so many recipes with the same idea, i just popped what ever i had in the fridge! :) - a great way to add fruits for my 4 year old girl

Baked Cake doughnuts

i got this recipe from a great site
feel free to visit it for more recipes! :)

Chicken Meatballs

Didn't have ground turkey so i used chicken!

Rocca Salad

healthy and filling

Millet Pancakes

i have this allergy to wheat, so am trying to reduce the amount of wheat used in my favorite recipes, pancakes are one of the ;)
i used half millet flour and the other half regular all purpose flour for a beginning.. not bad at all!

Chicken Cesar Salad - with bacon

this salad is a whole meal... i love having it for lunch ... very satisfying and filling...
i prepare the croutons at home, bake them in a table spoon of olive oil and italian herbs,
the chicken breast is prepared using the phillips air machine, no oil used.. so tender and yummy!

Cornmeal Rye Bread

i thought of this bread after a lot of reading about gluten free backing, although Rye has gluten however my problem was mainly with wheat and yeast, so i thought i'll use these ingredients in a try to make a bread.. and i turned out pretty well!
you might wanna reduce the salt if you like...

it comes out like a fucaccia bread rather than a loaf!

Chickpea Bread

while i was looking for gluten free bread recipes, i came across this delicious recipe.. give it a try, it's gluten-free, casein-free, lactose-free, soy-free, oats-free! just to cope with my allergies! ;)

whole wheat Pan cakes

i took this recipe from a cook book, but used half a cup of whole wheat flour and half white flour, and used low fat milk instead of full cream

Chocolate Smoothie - Spark COOKBOOK

this smoothie is a good start for the day, took the recipe from Spark People Cook Book

Fruit Muffins

Tasty yummy muffins

Backed Potato corn soup

light and filling meal

Chicken Farfella pasta

love the color of this dish

Oats Muffins

Home made tasty muffins
i used whole wheat flour instead of regular all purpose flower to add some fiber

Chicken with rice

a middle eastern dish, very famous in the Gulf area

Backed Bell pepper boats

funky way to eat your veggies

Cheese & Turkey rolls

it's a simple tasty recipe, i substituted the plane flour with whole wheat flour, replaced milk with skimmed milk and replace bacon with turkey slices.

Whole Wheat Pan cakes

it's a simple makeover to traditional pancakes, without compromising the taste

Spinach pizza

Loved the rich taste of spinach and cheese

Chicken corn soup

Delicious fillin dish, love to have it for dinnerg

Backed Fish

easy to cook and tastes good

Spagitti with Chicken Lemon sauce

An easy delcious meal i enjoy cooking

Penne with Italian Herbs

This pasta i just thought of when i found that most of my veggies were out and i didn't go yet to buy my grossary! ;)

it's light and tasty hope you like it :)

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