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Kibbi Balls

A famous Lebanese and Syrian dish loved by every member in the family. Serve hot.

Very Good (1 rating)
Sambousk-meat pastries

Sambusik is usually served as an
appetizer. It is an important
part of meals in the Gulf.
Serve hot.

Yoghurt-Home made

Refreshing yoghurt can be served alone or with dated, or cucumber and garlic.

Simple Potatoes Broth

Simple to prepare potatoes broth, serve hot with bread or rice.

Al Tabbouleh Allbnaniya (Parsley Salad)

The most famous Lebanese salad, made of: parsley, tomato, and burghul. In addition to apples and green pepper.

Eggplants Broth

Serve with rice or bread.

Grilled Tuna

Serve with lemons, onion, tomatoes and pickles.

Kabab Fingers (Iraqi)

Easily-made main dish.

Iraqi Biryani Rice

Iraqi biryani rice, traditional iraqi cousine.

Potatoes Broth

Serve with rice or bread.

Home made-Iraqi Kabab

Serve with bread, katchup and vegetables

Yeast Rolls

Serve after it cool down.

Beef & eggs

Serve with bread.

Beef & eggs

Serve with bread.

Hummos Sause

Serve with bread or rice.

Hummos Broth

Serve with bread

Boiled Kidney-bean

Serve it while it's still hot and eat only the grains.

Okra Broth

This broth is served with rice or bread.

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