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Mom William's Ghoulash (modified for Andrea's family)

Mom always made this and it was one of my favorite main dishes! I've modified it slightly for my little family and we love it!

Andrea's Black Bean Soup Low-Carb

I made this up when looking for a black bean recipe that was low-carb. Ideas were taken from other recipe's that I found, and what I had in my fridge.

Mom William's Meatloaf: A Low-Carb Makeover

This is Mom's meatloaf recipe where the bread is replaced with low carb bread and heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Everything else is the same.

Mom's Oriental Chicken

My husband's mother is a wonderful gourmet cook. She and my husband created this recipe when he was young. He's tells me it was mostly Mom, but it was a great memory for him to keep.

Eggroll Filling

This is my mother-in-law's recipe and a family favorite. Enjoy the crunch and wonderful flavor of the barely cooked cabbage.

Fluffy Cheesy Scrambled Eggs (No Carb)

This is my favorite Atkins breakfast. Easy to cook and no carbs. You can add what ever veggie you want to add some fiber; we usually add some broccoli.

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Andrea's Recipes - TO TRY
Andrea's Family Recipes
This is a collection of recipe's that I have made and are staples to our family's meal plans. These have been modified to suite our family's tastes and preferences. I hope you enjoy them.
Atkin's Dinner