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Recipes I've Shared:

Versatile Granola

This is a heavy duty granola, certain to provide go-power to start your day, or carried in a baggie for a later pick-me-up. I usually serve it with soymilk or skim milk if used in lieu of commercial boxed cereal.

Ham and Egg Salad Pockets

This is a healthy revision of one of my old pocket pita recipes. I've trimmed fat and sugar to come up with a pocket that packs 14g protein, is filling, and won't bust your calorie budget for the day.

Quick and Easy Salmon Patties

This is a unique recipe to me, simple yet scrumptious. Not coating the outside is different---it makes the patties brown very appetizingly.

Curried Chicken with Cranberries and Pecans

This is a versatile filling that can be used as either a salad or sandwich. I enjoy it especially as a filling in a whole wheat pita half with the addition of a few leaves of baby spinach.

Nutty Tuna Salad Especiale

Why have the "same ol same ol" tuna salad? Try my re-invention of the old standby. It can be dressed up or dressed down, served for guests or not., plated up atop the bibb lettuce with tomato slices or cantaloupe alongside. It stays well within our calorie budgets and packs a good round of nutrients. I hope you will enjoy!

Very Good (1 rating)
No-Bake No-Guilt Rocky Road Cookies

Here is a dessert or snack just perfect for those times you are "climbing the walls" craving something sweet and something QUICK!! The recipe is actually meant for 8 servings, which would amount to 6 per person. Therefore, you're in control here, and they will last for many days (refrigerated) if you can limit yourselves to a couple. At only 25 calories per piece, there is also the benefit of a gram of protein plus a half gram fiber. So, how's that for rationalization!!! I hope you will love them.

Tuna and Shells Garden Salad

Here is a filling salad for lunch or dinner that will also help use some of those veggies from your garden. It has a wide assortment of nutrients and vitamins (especially B and C), fiber and protein. I have converted my own recipe to ingredients more acceptable for Sparks people, but some of you may want to look for an Italian-type fat-free dressing with a lower sodium content. I would welcome any thoughts on this.

Irresistible Iced Mocha Drink

This summery palate cooler is the result of my effort to "kill two birds with one stone." First, I had to combat the urge to stop and buy one of those expensive lattes or iced coffees. Next, there was the two cups remaining of my morning coffee brew that was always getting dumped out. Voila! The two ideas came together in this drink that I hope you will all enjoy. An added payoff is the 6 gm protein in each serving. I tried to streamline the calorie count as low as possible and still make it seem like the little luxury of my day. Enjoy!!

Very Good (9 ratings)
Baked Layered Tostada

This is a substantial Mexican meal that tastes wonderful when served with a homemade fresh salsa and corn warmed tortillas. I have attempted to trim fat and calories by substituting ground turkey for the original ground beef.

Mary Ann's Cranberry Orange Scones

This is definitely a diet recipe. It is my signature recipe that when I take to groups, everyone always wants the recipe. Perhaps you could spring it on your "diet-deprived" family as a special treat.....of course saving one as a special reward treat for yourself.

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