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Recipes I've Shared:

Cauliflower Alfredo base (vegan sauce only)

This is a yummy creamy "white sauce" base for any vegan pasta. Add in some basil, roasted tomatoes, and artichoke hearts for a Mediterranean feel, or some gardein chicken and broccoli for a cheap restaurant version, or some peas, mushrooms and vegan bacon-- but be warned-- that tastes so good you may die.

5:2 veggie soup

Lots of veggies yield lots of soup-- good for all day grazing, just under 300 calories.

NOTE: if you drop the peas from this soup-- you've got a 200 calorie bowl.

I find that dropping the peas works well for a 500 day, pair the 200 cal soup with the "fresh express" health salad kits (antioxidant, digestive health) as those kits total 200 calories- for the whole kit... so you have tons of soup, tons of salad, and 100 calories to play with.

vegan faux risotto

my lazy faux risotto-- nice and creamy. Add one bag of frozen veggies to the pan and you have a filling meal!

simple wheat bread

This is a simple wheat bread recipe.

Tofu taco meat (McDougall)

This makes a great topping for sweet potatoes!

Incredible! (1 rating)
McDougall Saucy Vegan Cheese (Laura's very own)

I've played with lots of vegan cheese sauce recipes, from raw cashews to ones with margarine. This one has NO added fat and is DELICIOUS.

I like to serve over whole grain pasta with broccoli and cauliflower, or as a topping to a baked potato.

This is salty, savory, with loads of creamy umami flavor. It's by far my favorite creation I've made as a vegan thus far.

mcdougall pesto pasta sauce

I've seen versions of this elsewhere, this is my own variation.

Para Blue Cheese Dressing

Greek yogurt and pickle brine make a blue cheese dressing that is better than any store bought restaurant kinds. This is great as a dip or salad dressing-- and it's even great on grilled mushrooms!
It's got high protein, too-- over 5 grams per serving!

Para white clam sauce

Spaghetti Squash NOM NOM NOM
Over steamed broccoli NOM NOM NOM NOM

tofu meatballs (vegetarian- NOT VEGAN)

good chewy meatball substitute, high in protein, very flavorful

Tuna egg salad

Simple salad that is wonderful served on romaine lettuce leaves, or with bread and sprouts. The celery adds a nice crunch! You can use real mayo, but I find that the greek yogurt works great *if* you use a dill pickle relish, as the vinegar in the pickles really rounds out the flavor. Yes, bit more sodium, but I'm okay with that.

AWESOME source of protein, here.

whole grain hot cereal, plain base- CROCK POT

This is a simple base, low-cal, high protein hot cereal to start your day. You can add whatever you want to it, I find it's easier to track with a recipe base and then I just add what I fancied that morning for breakfast. My main problem with the other hot cereals I've found on spark is that they come with spices, etc. already added, and I don't want those in my calorie count-- I want to make a different breakfast every day! I have savory and sweet suggestions in the "cooking instructions."

Laura's Salsa Chicken "crock-pot" (yes, like others, but different)

Easy freezer and cupboard version with high protein and fiber. I serve with a small nuked potato and top the tater sour cream, decadent, delicious, and super filling.

NOTE: nutritional value does NOT include seasoning, so sodium is way off!

savory israeli couscous

delicious and unique side for any chicken or fish dish-- nice change from rice, quinoa or pasta! NOTE: seasonings (chives, cayenne, singapore seasoning) are NOT in tracker.

bloody brunch fruit salad

NOTE: sauce is NOT added to tracker. Why? Because when you eat the salad, you get just the flavoring of the sauce-- it's so thin that it doesn't really stick to the fruit at all. So unless you drink it like a soup, it doesn't really add many calories at all. for those that are super trackers, I would add maybe 10 calories of straight carbs (sugar-- fructose, honey) to each 1 cup serving.

bbq mock duck pizza

sweet and tangy, peppy and super delicious vegetarian pizza. Inspired from Pizza Luce's "BBQ Rustler" Pizza. YUMMY.

These are large portions. You can cut down portion size, or go to a low fat cheese to save on calories. Any BBQ sauce will do. So yummy you will die! mmmmmmmm.

Laura's Citrus Peach Poppyseed Dressing

This is a fabulous lowfat dressing over fruit or salads. It is sweet and fruity with a little vinegar tang. My favorite use for this dressing is one of two ways:
1. tossed with shredded romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, green peppers, and imitation salad crab pieces, with a little lime zest and black pepper

2. 1cucumber and 1 green or yellow bell pepper, chopped with whole cherry tomatoes.

Serving size is two tablespoons.

NOTE: Everything I entered here as ingredients is an ingredient that was entered by another person, not spark. However, I verified each and every thing I entered in comparison to it's printed nutritional information for each food I used, so this is about as accurate as it can get.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Para's super awesome no cheat vodka sauce

This is one of my favorite "OMG I have only 15 minutes!" meals. It's super creamy and delicious, and prep time in no time! I use a magic bullet for this as it's microwave friendly, but you could use a food processor or blender if necessary. Obviously, you could use fresh vegetables for better nutrition-- which would up the prep time, go to a low sodium pasta sauce (but I LOVE my salt), or cut out the parm cheese to cut out calories, but the parm really fills out the flavor and my goal is to make something healthy, fast, and really really delicious. NOTE: This is the sauce only, with veggies. I use it with spaghetti squash, but it's also great over scrambled eggs, barilla plus pasta, brown rice, or any thing else. It makes A LOT of veggie saucy goodness-- you could easily split this into two servings, but with the low calories, you can afford to splurge!

Very Good (1 rating)
lc daily edamame snack

easy peasy snack, super satisfying and salty-- high protein healthy substitute for potato chips, buttery popcorn, pretzels, etc.

Very Good (1 rating)
Hedgie's Fantastic Cincinatti Chili

GREAT CROCK POT dish-- an interesting blend of spices create a very complex flavor-- this is really good over pasta, brown rice, steamed vegetables, corn...

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