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Recipes I've Shared:

Ed's Italian meatballs

Baked in a convection oven for 15 minutes to remove excess fat while cooking, these meatballs are delightful to the palate and low carb

Anna's Tropical Smoothie

A nutri=-bullet recipe that is a delicious breakfast or lunch

Anna's Tropical Smoothie

A nutri=-bullet recipe that is a delicious breakfast or lunch

Lion's French Toast

Using lactose free milk for those lactose challenged, this french toast is zesty and sweet. It can be topped off with a bit of cinnamon and sweetener and just a bit of maple syrup for added flavor

Cassis sorbet

refreshing dessert that is tasty, easy to make and relatively low in calories

apple sorbet

refreshing, fruity, delicious dessert. Calories based on one ounce of finished product

cassis sorbet

A tasty, refreshing dessert. \

Asparagus Feta Frittata

A simple, elegant frittata perfect as a breakfast, lunch or brunch

Pear Berry Sorbet

A favorite with my guests whenever I entertain. High in calories, but a wonderful special treat

quick mashed potatoes with chives and garlic

Use instant mashed potatoe as base to make delicious whipped potato side dish

fresh herb vinagrette

quick and easy salad dressing using ingredients from garden

Chicken scallopini

My family and guests always love this elegant and yet simple to make recipe

Shrooms and onions

Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions

Anna's meat loaf with farfel

Very tasty, quick to make, I loved eating it

Ed's Mushroom Omelet

Quick to make, and always popular when I make them for friends

Herbal Green Dressing

A quick dressing with a home made may base that is easy to make in the blender

fruit and ricotta smoothie

delicious, lo-cal and high in antioxidants and nutrients

lo fat chicken cacciatore

Easy to make, full of flavor. Great served with a plain baked potato or rice

sugar free apple cinnamon sorbet

I love making sorbet. This is my first stab at a sugar free variety.

Ed's Light Spicey Healthy French Toast (slice)

Quick and easy to make, fun to eat, and darn tasty, and relatively low in calories, particularly compared to traditional recipes

LO Sugar Peach Ice Cream (1/2 c serving)

Relatively low in sugar, this ice cream was easy to make, yummy as can be, and easilly adaptable to a person's personal desires. Moreover, any fruit can be used in place of the peaches.

Chicken fried rice

Leftover rice, leftover chicken, fresh veggies, a few minutes of cooking and yummy

Ed's Stuffed Cabbage Appetizers

It is tedious to prepare but easy to cook, and absolutely worth the effort

Anna's Chicken fajita mix (10 servings)

Fifteen minutes of prep, ten minutes or less to cook, and a yummy filling that could be eaten straight without any bread as well

Anna's beef pot pie

Made in the new wave cooker, the pie took twenty minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to bake

Anna's beef pot pie

Made in the new wave cooker, the pie took twenty minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to bake

sauteed onions and mushrooms (4 oz)

quick and delicious with steak or beef

Mock Beef Vegetable Soup

Prepare in 20 minutes and cook for 90.

Berry Ricotta Smoothy

Healthy and tasty, who could want anything better!

Very Good (1 rating)
Chocolate Ricotta Shake

As tasty as a good milk shake and healthier.

Ed's Spicey Meatballs

When I made these for the synagogue, they could not believe how delicious they were. Eat them dry, with a dip, or add them to your favorite spaghetti sauce.

Fat Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich on Whole Wheat

why waste calories on butter or oil when there are no calorie sprays for making a grilled cheese sandwich?

Ed's home made meat pasta sauce

A tasty, zesty spaghetti sauce that is healthy and easy to make.

Sugar Free Sweet & Sour Cabbage

Quick and easy, lo-cal sugar free cole slaw alternative

Hoisin Chicken

An easy way to make a delicious meal with leftover chicken.


Anna made this . It was a healthy, filling dinner in a pot.

Anna's Sugar Free Cole Slaw

sugar free low fat cole slaw

Very Good (2 ratings)
Ed's Home Made Spaghetti Sauce

Quick easy to make spaghetti sauce that is either very chunky or smooth, depending on cooking time

Ed's Sugar Free Pizza dough

quick and basic bread dough for pizza, calzones, Italian bread, French bread or baguettes

Ed's Sugar Free Pizza dough

quick and easy basic dough for pizza, baguettes, calzones, French or Italian bread

Grilled Onions

simple and yummhy

Ed's Sorbet

easy to make fruit sorbet. Eat in moderation, it is refreshing, flavordul and loaded in calories

Anna's Margharita Pizza

A quick health conscious, vegetarian lunch

Anna's Potato Soup

home made potato soup made from 1% milk, potatoes and butter