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Corn and Nut Squares

Like a nut burger, except flatter, appropriate for crumbling into salad, or putting into raw wraps

Raw Chocolate Macaroons (Raw and Gluten Free)

MMMM....tasty macaroons.
A lower fat version of RAW food Real Life Macaroons.

(Make sure if you are buying coconut and coconut butter in the grocery store, that it's raw and organic. The vanilla extract isn't raw, so if you're hardcore, use grated vanilla beans instead!)

Raw Chocolate Pudding (Raw and Gluten Free)

I cannot live without chocolate.
This pudding recipe has been adapted from RAW food Real Life's chocolate pudding recipe.

I use young thai coconut for this recipe, and it's aprox. 2 coconuts.

As always, if you're hardcore about it being 100% raw, use finely grated vanilla bean instead of vanilla extract.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Raw Buckwheat & Coconut Cereal (Raw, and Gluten Free)

Great for days when you've only been eating raw fruit and veggies, and want to add some carbs, fat and protein. Enjoy with 1/4 a cup of your favorite nut milk, or half the portion to 1/8 of a cup and use as a crunchy topping for fruit!

It's incredibly filling though, so don't go overboard the first time!

Very Good (2 ratings)
Spicy Thai Veggie Stir-Fry

I use President's Choice MEMORIES OF Thailand Fiery Chili Pepper Sauce, but you can get a similar sauce from any Asian food market. I like the PC one, because it's quality, and you can be sure of the nutritional content

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