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Sal's nutrition egg omelette

A great egg omelette without the fat!

Mini Manwhich

Just like the original but smaller

Cracker snack

Something to hold you over

Homemade Chicken Taco

Tasty Chicken Taco with less calories

Burrito Sal's way

Not-so-bad burrito

Taco Salad

Ordinary taco salad

Tacos Sal's Way

This is a tasty Taco with 7 grams of fat.

Sal Omlette

Just a normal omlette, with high Cholesterol

Pizza Bagel

A new and interesting way of eating pizza


good ole cake

Sal's homemade pizza

Boboli Pizza (homemade)

Sal's salad

Nothing to special

Vegitarian Burrito

This was a left over plate from the Cheese Cake Factory. My wife ate the tacos but gave me the left overs.

Tortillas casserole

This dish measure out to about 5 oz for a slice of this casserole

Sal's version of Sharis's Biscuit and gravy

This was a meal that I order to eat. I didn't use the menu's calorie guide that showed the listing. The menu showed two biscuits, one egg, and two sausage or bacon. I choose the ham

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