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Recipes I've Shared:

Sweet Green Smoothie

A quick and very tasty smoothie.

Fettucine Alfredo--Eating Well

Here is a healthy version of a classic dish. Add chicken breast, shrimp or pork tenderloin for protein. Each serving is 2/3 cup cooked pasta and half the sauce and zuchinni.

Chicken and Veggie Pasta (Freezable)

This is a very filling pasta dish, the veggies can be switched around to fit your needs. The salt and seasonings can also be adjusted. I got 10, 1 cup servings, but I calculated for 9 just in case. I have 1 cups servings for lunch and two cups for dinner. I froze my leftovers in airtight containers (not freezer bags) and microwaved to reheat. Goes great with cheese, but I did not include in the nutrition info.

whole wheat pizza dough (bread machine)

This is my favorite pizza dough. I use it to make 4 calzones or one cookie sheet pizza.

Blueberry-Cranberry Smothie.

This is just a quick smoothie I'll make for a snack or dessert.

Mediterranean Chicken and Veggies

This is a quick way to bring together some of my favorite flavors. Feel free to switch out someof the veggies for your favorites. This is not low sodium.

Squash and Corn Salad with Dill

This is just a summer salad I threw together tonight. The colors are really nice and the flavor is pretty mellow. There is only a light coating of dressing on the veggies, but it's just enough to make them special.

Egg and White Bean Salad Wrap

This is just a quick wrap I threw together for lunch today. The nutrition info will change according to the type of wrap you use, I use the South Beach Whole Wheat Tortilla which has 4 more grams of fiber than the one I found listed here. The prep time does not incluse cooking the egg.

cranberry cornmeal muffins

great breakfast muffins. I think the splenda measurement is off because I had to use tsp for the nutrition info.

Coconut Cornmeal Pancakes

These are really tasty pancakes. You can use 1% milk instead of whole and unsweetened coconut if you would like. I'm not sure how these would turn out with whole wheat flour, but I would love to know. I also think coconut extract would be a better choice than vanilla, I just didn't have any on hand. This recipe makes 12, 4 1/2 in diam. pancakes. I calculated this to have 12 servings, but 1 pancake probably won't be enough! The cooking time will depend on how many pancakes you can cook at one time.

Very Good (1 rating)
Cheesey crock pot chicken and ravioli

Not one of the lowest in calories or fat, but very yummy. I did my best with the tomatoes and ravioli in the nutrition tracker since I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Chicken gizzards wth rice-Crock pot.

These gizzards come out so tender and this is a very simple yet really good soup like recipe.

Very Good (1 rating)
mustard chicken

Another dinner I made up, needed to add to my calorie counter. The cheese and bread crumbs were cooked on my chicken.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Saucy Cube Steak

I amde this for dinner and wanted to add it to my calorie counter. This makes a lot of nice sauce, more than enough!

Slow roasted mustard pork loin

I threw this together for dinner. You can adjust the hot sauce to your liking.

Maple, Brown Sugar, and Banana Oatmeal

I like to use a very ripe banana for this. Adjust the amount of water to make thicker or thinner oatmeal. Kids wil love this too!