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Please excuse me as this is the first recipe I've posted. The nutritional info is as per the listed ingredients. I couldn't find plain potatoes so I subbed baked potatoes in for the nutritional values. If the nutritional info changes when you bake them make note of that. I wouldn't know. Borscht is so optional as to what you can put into it that the first thing you will be doing is putting other ingredients into it. This soup is filling and high in fiber so it fills you up and sticks with you. Beets are very high in two antioxidants, potassium, and folic acid. Indeed one of the best things about eating borscht is the huge boost in nutrients as can be seen in the nutritional information.

Borscht can be made out of about anything as long as there is beets in it. One thing a lot of people do in Russia is to add all the left over veggies and meat into it as it cooks. You can clean the fridge out. This soups nutrition has been figured with the listed ingredients. Bon Appetito...or....
получать удовольствие (enjoy).