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Egg "beaters" Foo Yung

Mom and I were talking about Chinese food, which led to Egg Foo Yung. So, I experimented, as I've never made it before... Easy and Yummers

Pork Medallions with Apple-Onion Saute' (WLS friendly)

WLS friendly.
Pork has been a very friendly protein for me since WLS. However it has a tendency to get a bit dry. Therefore, I have been trying ways to add a sauce, or moisture to top off my chop or tenderloin. This is yummy, crunchy, reminds me of the holidays. The cinnamon and nutmeg go great with the sweet onion and crunchy tart apples.

Green Bean Almond Saute' with Sherry Wine (WLS friendly)

WLS Friendly.
This recipe uses fresh geen (snap) beans, sauteed al dente' with wonderful smokey nutty flavors. A great alternative to the traditional and heavy green bean caseroles you find during the holidays.

Dad's Black Beans and Tomatoes - WLS friendly

My dad's "go to snack". Low fat, with 8 grm. protein. Great for WLS snack/meal.
When I want extra protein, I add 3 oz. of skinless cooked chicken breast to my cup. Adjust protein and calories accordingly.

Japanese Chicken Casserole - WLS friendly

This is based on a recipe that my Grandmother used to make. I had it every childhood and young adult birthday, for as long as I can remember. When she no longer made it, my mom did. It's my all time favorite, and I was racking my brain to figure out how to make it WLS friendly!

Note: Original recipe calls for fryer chicken, with skin. Dusted with flour and ginger. Regular soy sauce and regular brown sugar. Served over steamed white rice.

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Tuna Muffins (WLS friendly)

I found this recipe on OH, without nutritional information. Tweeked it a bit, and here it is with the nutritional information. Very WLS friendly.

Edamame Salad (WLS friendly)

I had this from Metropolitan market, and tweaked it a bit to make it WLS friendly.

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