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Recipes I've Shared:

Tita's Chocolate Craisin Nut Bar

Great energy treat when you just have to have a sweet 'n salty chocolate fix.

Tita's Microwave Apple Sauce

This is a quick and easy apple sauce to server with pork, with oatmeal, or simply a dessert

Tita's Fresh Vegetable Bullion

This is a simple recipe for a kitchen staple that you can use in soups and sauces. It will keep for months in the refrigerator and it can be frozen.

Tita's Spicy Slow Cooker White Beans and Bacon

This is an easy slow cooker, low calorie, meal for those cold winter days.

Mac 'n Ham 'n Cheese

Here is a fast and easy recipe for left-over ham.

Chipotle Ranch Salad Dressing or Dip

I was looking for a great low calorie, low fat, Ranch Dressing I could make without using the typical Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing mix as the base. I needed something I could make from scratch, using basic ingredients readily found in Costa Rica. I finally gave up my search and concocted this recipe. I first served it to my official taster, John, and he loved it. Next, I served it to 3 of the grandkids, ages 6 through 11, and they thought it was the best too. It has just enough heat to spark the appetite.

Taco Soup

This soup is always a big hit for supper in the colder months. It can be thrown together in a matter of minutes and it's yummy with some corn bread or tortillas. Even though you may find an ingredient you don't normally like, you will be pleasantly surprised at how good this taste when everything is combined.

Cranberry Apple Relish

This is always a big hit around the holidays at our house.

Ultimate Ground Beef Chili

This was originally an EatingWell recipe that I modified to use ground beef and serrano peppers

Oatmeal Raisin Spice Cookies in a Jar (Healthier Version)

This was originally a high calorie "Cookie Mix in a Jar" which I modified for a healthier alternative.

Very Good (1 rating)
Pasta with Turkey & Artichokes in Marinara Sauce

Quick and easy, full of flavor and very filling. Serve with a tossed or spinach salad.

Pineapple Cilantro Slaw

This is a refreshing Costa Rican alternative to the traditional coleslaw. The recipe has been modified slightly to cut down on the calories and fat.

Pineapple Cilantro Mustard Dressing

Serve over Chicken, Pork or a Tossed Salad

Cracked Pepper & Blue Cheese Yogurt Dressing

This recipe uses Blue Cheese Powder from the Spice House in Chicago. This powder only has 33 calories per tablespoon, making an ideal condiment in a yogurt salad dressing.

Grilled Salmon with Sesame Seeds

The salmon is delicious when cooked on a charcoal grill or on an indoor Panini grill. Serve over a bed of brown and wild rice

Paprika Chicken / Chicken Paprikash

This Chicken Paprikash has been modified from "The Spice House" original recipe to use boneless, skinless chicken, whole wheat pasta and fat free sour cream. Special attention has been given to the list of ingredients to insure the accuracy of the nutritional calculation.

Cilantro Lime Pesto

Delicious over Chicken, Fish and Pasta

Tita's Pico de Gallo

This is delicious on eggs, Mexican food, meatloaf and as an alternative salad dressing.

Low Calorie Raspberry Dijon Vinaigrette Dressing

This is our favorite dressing for a spinach salad. We toss the salad with a few sweetened dried cranberries and toasted almonds.

Very Good (1 rating)
Herb-Roasted Potatos & Onions

This is a FoodNetwork recipe from Ina Garten which I have modified to add potatoes and rosemary. I also reduced the amount of olive oil to cut down calories and fat.

Very Good (8 ratings)
Tita's Chicken Picatta

This is a family favorite with it's light lemon flavor. There are many recipes posted for Chicken Picatta, but I found very few provide accurate nutritional information. I have take special care to record all the ingredients for a proper calculation. The nutritional calculation only use 1/4 cup of flour, even though you need a 1/2 cup to dredge the chicken. Most of the flour will not be used.

Very Good (2 ratings)
King Ranch Casserole

The is a modified recipe from EatingWell which has been modified for my family's taste.

New York-Style Sour Cream-Topped Cheesecake

This was an original Kraft Foods recipe that has been altered to reduce the calories and fat.

Baba's Vinegrette Salad Dressing

I talked my grandmother out of the this recipe when I was a young bride about 40 years ago. It has always been our family favorite. Now, it has evolved and been lightened up a bit by switching to extra light olive oil and Splenda, but it is every bit as good as the original.

Very Good (4 ratings)
Huevos Rancheros with Black Bean Puree

This is a modified recipe from Sunny Anderson on the FoodNetwork.

Cucumber Dill & Onion Salad

This is a refreshing summer salad, very low in calories

Very Good (4 ratings)
Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Black Beans & Rice)

"Gallo Pinto" is a typical Costa Rican breakfast dish. It is generally accompanied by fried eggs on top, meat and sometimes with a side of fried ripe plantain (Platano Maduro).

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Cooking for John
I find it really is true... "We eat with our eyes first." So, presentation has a lot to do with meal satisfaction. This is a photo from one of our home cooked dinners: Ahi Tuna steak, stir-fried garlic spinach with lime and cucumber salad. Total number of calories: 397