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Ivan's Spaghetti Sauce

Low Carb Spaghetti Sauce

Best Low Carb Bread Machine Bread

I found this recipe at The original recipe was for a 1 pound loaf. This recipe is doubled to make a 2 pound loaf. It is very good.

Romaine - Carrot - Celery Mixed Salad

This is just a basic salad with no dressing. It makes it easier to track foods eaten.

Chipolte Beef Taco

This recipe uses 1 pkg. of Taco Bell Chipolte Flavor Taco Seasoning Mix and 1 pound of extra lean ground beef. It make 6 servings of prepare beef taco mix.

GV Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding (Ivan)

This is Great Value Sugar Free Chocolat Pudding made with Unsweetened Almond Milk.

Flax Seed Muffin Chia Splenda

This is the basic One Minute Flax Seed Muffin from the Atkins recipes with Splenda Granular

Almond Flour Cocoa Muffin

Even though I have entered this as a serving for 1, I normally cut it in half and make 2 servings out of it. It is great by itself or you can add any low carbohydrate topping of your choice. Yougurt with fruit for example.
If you are doing Atkins later phases it is relatively low carb when you deduct the fiber from the total carb count.

Tyson Taco Bell Canned Chicken

A quick recipe for Chicken Tacos

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