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Tofu Lasagna

I have served this to those who were unaware that the filling was made from tofu. They were surprised when they learned and said it was yummy!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Blueberry Cheesecake Ramekins

The name may be correct - but the calorie count - is low. This is a bit "labor" intensive - however, it is well worth it. Tastes sinful and is a great craving killer.

General Tso's Seitan

Found this on Recipezaar. Changed a few ingredients.

Panini Breakfast Sandwich

I am always bored with breakfast foods. This isn't boring at all!

My Plantains

Coat nonstick skillet with PAM cooking spray. Slice plantain. Cook

Cocoa Smoothie

Delicious and curbs chocolate shake cravings.

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