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Recipes I've Shared:

Taco Meat Filling

Simple Meat filling for tacos

Chicken Penne, asian style

There was a Liptons box mix, once upon a time, called Bowtie Chicken Pasta. I've never been able to recreate that successfully but I've come across some good combinations to fill the void. This one has an asian-ish flair.

Imitator Mandarin Pancakes

This is high calorie just to transport Moo Shu pork filling to your mouth. To make lower in calories, use Mama Lupe Low Carb tortillas instead and spray pan with cooking spray instead of using sesame oil.

Moo Shu filling

I love Moo Shu Pork and this works to fill that craving to avoid eating out. Can also be made with chicken. Calories for pork. Serve with Imitator Mandarin Pancakes.

Hearty Chili Bake with Turkey & beans

4.75 servings of vegetables per serving of chili

Velveeta Scalloped Potatoes

Don't like processed cheese don't use this recipe.

Refrigerator Scramble for 2

Chop whatever vegetables you have in the refrigerator left over from a party the night before. Enough to make 3/4 - 1 cup of chopped vegetables.

Stew in the Microwave

This is the day after recipe for left over roast. Cook roast in crock pot with about 2 cups of water. Serve from roast with the aim of 10 oz left over. Then try this leftover recipe.

Can Opener Tortilla Soup

If you have a can opener and a hot plate you can make this soup. To a gourmet cook this is cheating but it's the best tortilla soup I've had to date.

cucumber lime salsa

refreshing and lite, packs a pucker
can be made into a summer salad by adding chopped onion and garden fresh tomatoes.

BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza

Pizza Hut use to make this but I can't find it anymore. So when I got a new recipe making pizza in my 12" skillet I started thinking of other things to do. This is the first result and it's approved by the husband.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Hearty Chicken-Vegetable Soup (Rachel Ray)

Found this recipe in my new subscription of Everyday. Trying to use more fresh vegetables to help avoid some salt. I don't add salt at every step as the directions indicate. And I use the lowest salt chicken broth I can find, or make.