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easy oatmeal pancake

This is an easy and versatile recipe that can be made to fit your flavor mood. It is also a great way to sneak in some fruit or even a veggie first thing in the morning. My kids loved it with maple and brown sugar oatmeal mixed with a banana.

spinach apple sausage

I love the sausage that I can find at Sam's Club. They go good with a lot of things. This is just something I put together for lunch. You can add more spinach if you like but I only had half of a 9oz bag left to put into this. This is good as is with a slice of bread or can be served with rice or pasta.

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Party Chicken Salad

This is from my Southern Living magazine. I used and calculated with light mayo though the recipe calls for regular. It says to serve on a bed of baby lettuce tossed with blackberries.

Sweet Potato Pull-Apart Rolls

This recipe is meant for a bread machine, but I'm sure it could be adapted for regular baking.

Italian Meatloaf

This is adapted from the PX90 cook book. I added 2 tbsp of wheat germ for a boost of vitamin E. In the book the calories (297), total fat (3), protein (45), and carbs (20) are different than what came up on the calculator.

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