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Recipes I've Shared:

Tomato, Fennel and White bean soup with kale

Just a nice, hearty weeknight soup. Great with bread.

Vegetarian (not vegan) cabbage rolls from scratch

"From Scratch" means no 'processed' ingredients (eg: processed meat substitute, canned soup, etc etc...)

Peas and Spinach Cashew Curry

One of our favourite side dishes ever

Palak Mutter Paneer

Peas, spinach and cheese curry. Serve with rice or naan.

Very Good (1 rating)
A fresh version of the 'Cabbage Soup Diet' soup (no packaged mixes)

I'm not planning to do the 'cabbage soup diet' but I wanted to try the much-touted soup. I was appalled at the sodium content and the inclusion of so many packaged ingredients in the recipes I found online, so I decided to write my own using only fresh ingredients. I did this in the crock pot, but you could do it on the stove in about 30 minutes cooking time.

Warm Rice or Soba noodle Slaw with Tofu Croutons

4 mains for lunch or 6 side servings.
Vegetarian, gluten free (if you use GF soy sauce/tamari), crunchy and delicious.

Coconut flour blueberry banana protein 'super' muffins

The nonsense I cooked up to get some extra nutrition into my kiddos. The recipe is flexible!

Kale, beet and carrot salad with seeds

A delicious raw-food fall lunch.
Serving size calculated if this is your main for lunch. Otherwise makes about 8 cups.

Best Pot Luck Dish Ever (Rice salad)

Mixed rice, vegetables and greens with an awesome dressing! Very colourful and tasty, lots of interesting textures. Makes a great vegan main-dish salad. Semi-raw. I know, there are lots of ingredients, but it comes together pretty quickly. (sorry for the sodium content) sigh. can't be perfect.

Roasted Corn Soup

We love this soup for dinner served with tortilla chips, guacamole and salsa for dipping. You can adjust the heat in each bowl by adding fresh chopped peppers of your choice, hot sauce, a sprinkle of chili powder - or none of the above.

Simple green mango salad

A nice raw dish, full of flavour and very colourful. Give it as much or as little bite as you want by adjusting the seasonings.

Lentil, beet and celeriac salad

I picked up this French salad somewhere in my culinary life and it's become a staple. Great colour and really easy to make - an excellent pot luck dish.

Sesame Kale salad with tofu

This is a GREAT party dish - especially if you're partying with a bunch of vegetarians! Nice and colourful, filling, I think it's very festive! It makes a great lunch all by itself and keeps really well in the fridge in case you're taking it to work. With about 13 grams of protein, it's great training food!

the calculation is for 6 servings - but that's if you're eating it as a meal. If you're taking as a side it's more like 8-10 servings.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Kale and Tofu stir fry

Lots of protein, packed with calcium, vitamins and minerals. Use any veggies you like. Sodium probably a little lower than the calc. because you don't actually eat all of it - some is drained away in the marindade.

Egg white crepes with Caramel apple filling

Dessert that fits into my lifestyle! Also makes a nice breakfast.

multi-veggie meatballs

I make a batch every few months and throw them into soup, sauce or on a sandwich as needed.
I still need to calculate the REAL serving size - I'm guessing at the moment.