Recipes I've Shared:

Chunky Fish & Shrimp Chowder

I can't believe I made this all on my own. I was inspired by other fish chowder and stew recipes on and . It was so good it surprised me! Was the perfect meal to break my fast with, and my family :) (It's Ramadan! hehe)

Hummus Sham (Halabisa - Chickpea soup/drink)

This is a very popular drink/soup in Egypt.
You can even find hummas stands on the streets and it tastes delicious! :).
You can have it as soup but it's really drunken with a straw and/or spoon from a cup :).

Fragrant Vegan Moroccan Stew

A Fragrant Vegan Vegetarian Recipe Showcasing Cinnamon and Chickpeas.

Vegetarian Whole Grain Pizza

Just a little somthin I made :). This actually makes 2 medium Pizzas. Use half of whats here for just one.

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