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Chicken Adobo trimmed up a little

From a friend from the PI. They usually use an entire chicken and chop it up when they make this for us. I've discovered that breast meat doesn't hold the flavor as well. They also marinate the chicken with the skin on over night before cooking it. Once it's tender, they would take it out and fry the chicken in oil which I also skip since I don't want to consume the skin anyway. Also, note that the sodium calculation is very high but it's assuming that you're consuming the liquid along with the chicken which isn't needed.

Stop...Turkey thyme... burgers

I find turkey to be kind of blah unless of course it's covered in gravy during Thanksgiving. This is the only way I can eat it and enjoy it when it's ground. Feel free to adjust all seasonings to preference. I did not include nutrition facts for a bun to throw it on.

Chicken salad with Walnuts and Tarragon

Feel free to add fruit to it and serve it on bread or by itself. The portion size is big. It's enough for a very large sandwich (bread is not calculated into the nutritional content).

ronzoni smart mac and cheese

back of the box recipe with ex seasoning...too many calories...need to rework

Beef Curry with Lentils

Found a similar recipe online for a tomato based beef curry (no coconut milk). Trimmed it down to make it healthier and changed around the seasoning a bit since I have a hard time finding traditional products in Okinawa. Can substitute a lower sodium broth or use 2 cups of water and 2 boullion cubs. Can also substite ground ginger powder for the fresh (change the measurement though). Feel free to leave out the lentils too if you want to make it even lighter, or even increase the lentils and leave out the beef to make it a vegetarian friendly dish.

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Broccoli Cheese soup w/ noodles

This is a converted recipe from a place I used to eat at as a kid called the Barn. It was in Wooster Ohio. We only ate there when visiting my grandmother who lived about an hour away. A waitress there begrudgingly gave my mom the recipe but it wasn't correct. So...this is my version.

"Frosting" low fat!

This is my replacement for the super sweet commerically sold frosting. I've gotten so used to using it that anything else now tastes too sweet. It's also great for little ones (1st b-days and such) because there is no food coloring to stain their sweet little hands:) It will make enough to top an entire cake. Feel free to substitute different flavored pudding mixes.

Low fat Jello Poke Cake with Frosting!

I saw a few other recipes on Spark that were similar but didn't include nutritional facts for the frosting as well. So, I decided to add everything up to see if I could sneak this one into the new lifestyle:)

Brown Rice with Mixed Veggies

This is for those who are short on time for a quick side item.

BBQ Crockpot Roast

Choose any cut of beef. I opted for a london broil that looked lean. Cut the cooking time if the meat is thawed. I usually serve this with some sort of egg noodle or wheat noodle that I've cooked in some of the leftover broth and water.

Tomato Garlic Broccolli Pizza

No idea if this is good. I wanted pizza that was lower in fat but not frozen. Getting ready to make it tonight with the listed ingredients. I'll report back if I like it!

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