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Steph's Peanut Butter Yogurt Dip

Delicious way to beat that sweet tooth!

Broccoli?! Pizza

I've found making my own pizza, where I control what goes on it AND not waiting on the delivery guy, is just way easier and an added bonus, I don't feel bad eating it.

This was just a "hurry up, I'm hungry" dinner, so I used a lot of already made ingredients. Could easily make homemade sauce, etc.

Serve with your favorite soup or a salad.

Tetch's Ham & Parmesan 'Frittata'

This is pretty easy and yummy recipe.
Lleftovers can be stored and reheated for a quick, healthy breakfast! Try leftovers on a 100 calorie english muffin as a fast, easy breakfast sandwich!

You need an ovensafe skillet for this recipe.

Tetchie's Taco Chicken

I make my own Taco Seasoning to avoid all the sodium in the packaged kind.

Tetchie's Fantastic Tuna Salad

I really enjoyed this yummy variation on tuna salad. A much lower calorie & fat version. Feel free to omit any of the "extras", but keep in mind it will change the nutritional values.

"Protein" Parfait

I saw a similar recipe and threw this together for a snack today to see if I like it. Feel free to share your opinions and/or add-ins

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

I came up with this from a recipe from a dip I make. It's been a real hit! The DF & his buddies love it for football and I always have to make at least 2!!

I use the great value brand refrigerated pizza crust that bakes into a large rectangle. Makes 8 large slices (or you could make smaller slices and use this as an appetizer)

I also serve this as a weekend dinner with either a nice side salad or roasted broccoli.

Chicken Tortilla Casserole

Yummy and easy, I often serve at gatherings, birthday parties, etc.

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