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Recipes I've Shared:

White Chocolate and Cranberry Granola (1 oz. servings)

1 oz Servings. Delicious treat for breakfast, trail mix, topping on ice cream, yogurt, or bananas and nutella!

Hot Milk Coconut Cake 3 oz serving

This is a delicious, simple and very old recipe. It's great with chocolate icing, or strawberries and whipped cream.

Cinnamon Walnut, Raisin and Dried Apricot Granola (1 oz. servings)

1 oz Servings. Delicious treat for breakfast, trail mix, topping on ice cream, yogurt, or bananas and nutella!

Potato Salad; made with half fat free mayo, half regular(4 oz servings)

This is a tangy sweet potato salad which is quite tasty and perfect for those summer barbecues. Everyone loved it and no one knew I had replaced half the mayonnaise with the fat free variety!

Deviled Eggs with chipotle

Just a little kick to the typical eggs

Chicken salad with cranberries (calories per 1 oz servings)

Creamy chicken salad with less than half the fat.

Ranch Salad Dressing made with coconut oil (1 oz servings=about 2T)

Great for salads and veggie dip. Made with Extra Virgin Coconut oil which has a metabolism boosting effect. Has only 8 more calories than Hidden Valley Light Ranch Dressing.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Fresh Mozzerella, Tomato and Basil salad (1 cup=about 4 oz)

This is a fresh and delicious Italian summer salad

Nutter Butter Banana

Fresh banana spread with a combination of Nutella and Natural Peanut butter, topped with granola and raisons.

Hummus Dip Low Fat 1 oz. serving

makes 26 1 oz servings

Very Good (1 rating)
CocaChia Energy Cookies

I developed this recipe for my son who is unable to eat sugar, honey, wheat gluten, and many other things. They are like brownies to him. For anyone struggling with sugar addictions, these cookies will satisfy your sweet and chocolate taste without bringing on an insulin reaction. Great for diabetics also.

Chocolate chip Whole wheat flax seed meal waffles

Rich in Omega 3's...A healthy alternative to toaster waffles full of whole foods: whole wheat, buckwheat, oats, kefir, flax seed meal.

Italian Style Low-fat Meatballs

Made from a blend of ground beef, hot Italian sausage and chicken breast. These are a delicious alternative to the high fat versions. The hot sausage gives them just the right "kick."

Low-fat yogurt with berries, Truvia and Gen Soy protein

Delicious fresh berry filled yogurt enhanced with a little protein.

Shrimp Alfredo with penne pasta

Fresh garlic and shrimp, what could be better on low carb pasta?

Chocolate Flax Oatmeal muffins

These are a delicious alternative to those store bought fat filled snack cakes. They are sugar free and gluten free. The added protein lowers the glycemic index and above all they answer your chocolate cravings! Let me know what you think!

Very Good (4 ratings)
Cowboy Beans (great for a crockpot or pot luck dinner

Sweet and delicious protein and bean dish.

Bananas and Chocolate granola on plain yogurt

this is a yummy treat that tastes like a banana split, only more tarte.

Chicken Quesadias

Great use for left over cooked chicken breast

Bragg's Liquid Aminos Vinegrette

Made with Bragg's Liquid aminos, Olive oil, plain yogurt, and balsamic vinegar.

Garlic Bread

Fresh Garlic makes this bread

Dill Flavored Lite Mayo

Creamy spread with much less sugar than the store bought lite mayo

Light Chicken Salad

Chicken breast with a lite dill flavored mayo (1/2 Kraft Mayonaise and 1/2 non-fat plain yogurt, 1/2 pkt. organic dill dip mix) and celery.

Recipes I've Rated: