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Very Good (7 ratings)
Alka's Chicken Curry WW=?pt (1/2 CUP)

My wonderful friend, Alka, is a wonderful cook.
She creates her own recipes. This is one of them. It is Awesome!!
***Have to find a nutrition calculator that works. This one is apparently wrong. Will update WW pts when find correct data. Thx to those who pointed it out. ^_^

Very Good (2 ratings)
Okra/Bhindi Masala (Indian-Punjabi Style) WW=4 pts (1/2 cup)

This is a North Indian preperation of Bhindi is also known as Okra.
Worth 4 Weight Watcher points aprox. 1/2 cup serving.
Note: in any of these recipes, making your own ginger and garlic paste from scratch is always best!

Very Good (1 rating)
Vegetable Makhani WW=6 pts (1/2 cup)

North Indian vegetable curry. Using the cashews is a must for this recipe. (I know because when I made it for a friend allergic to nuts and omitted the cashews, the dish was actually almost not edible! ^_-)
Worth 6 weight watcher points per 1/2 cup

Baingan Ka Bharta WW = 1 point (1/2 cup)

North Indian Eggplant curry. Recipe from Manjula Kumar
worth 1 weight watcher point about 1/2 cup.

Besan Ka Laddoo (gram flour sweet) WW=7 points (each)

The trick to getting this sweet right is in browning the besan (gram flour) perfectly and using powdered sugar for the smooth consistency.
Worth 7 point per ladoo if batch yields 25 balls

Very Good (3 ratings)
Alka's Vegetable Kofta WW=5 pts (1/2 cup)

North Indian vegetable balls in rich creamy gravy.
Worth 5 weight watcher points per 1/2 cup.

Alka's Fish-Talapia in Kadhi sauce WW=5pts (3/4 cup)

Fish in Kadhi (sounds like kerr-high) sauce.
worth 5 weight watcher points about 3/4 cup serving.

Very Good (2 ratings)
Punjabi Chicken in thick gravy WW=4pts

This is a recipe given to me. It is a family recipe from North Indian origin.
Worth 4 weight watcher points (2 chicken legs per serving)

Very Good (3 ratings)
Roti (low fat) WW=0 points each

Worth 0 points.
North Indian Flat bread; also called Chapatti.
Made from very fine whole wheat flour found in Indian stores. Used for gravy foods. Some recipes call for milk or yogurt (said to make the bread softer) and oil but these are not necessary and only add calories and fat to the nutritional value. If follow this recipe the Weight Watcher points are = 0 each

palak paneer WW = 3 points (1/2 cup)

North Indian pureed spinach with Indian cheese.
Worth 3 points using Pointsfinder sliding scale, approx. 1/2 cup per serving.

Very Good (3 ratings)
Masoor Dal WW = 3 points (1/2 cup)

Masoor Dal (Red Split Dal).
There are many different ways to prepare any dal. This is just one East Indian (Bengali) preperation.
Worth 3 Weight Watcher Points per 1/2 cup.

Channa Dal WW = 3 Points (1/2 cup)

East Indian Dal; one of the many ways to prepare this dal.
Worth 3 Weight Watcher Points for 1/2 cup serving

Brown Basmati rice WW = 4 point (1/2 cup)

Replacing white rice with brown rice is a healthier option. Regular short grain brown rice flavor and consistancy changes the taste of a dish it is added to. My husband and I have found that brown basmati rice is soft and does not interrupt the flavor of our foods. We use Kohinoor brand; found in Indian store.
1/2 cup is worth 4 Weight Watcher Points (1/2 cup)

Chicken Makhani WW=5 pts (1/3 cup serving)

Rich North Indian Chicken dish AKA: Butter Chicken. an all time favorite!
Worth 5 weight watcher points (1/3 cup serving).

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Indian Recipes (everyday cooking) with Weight Watcher Point Values
Weight Watchers does not offer any point value info. for Indian food other than a few dishes you would order at restaurant. This has been frustrating! Thanks to SparkRecipes, I now have the tools needed to create my own book using family and friend recipes!!! //^_^\\