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Recipes I've Shared:

Chocolate, Flax, Oatmeal, Fruit Muffins

This recipe was a tweaked version of the recipe "My Mom's Muffins" at I like how easy it is to change muffins to suit your taste and how she describes it, so I did and they are amazing! My kids' eyes lit up when they tried them.

My Happy Muffins or Whole Wheat Flax'N Apple Muffins

Flaxseed, turmeric and apples make me happy, so these are my happy muffins.

Pineapple Orange Banana Popsicles

Some quick, healthy, delicious popsicles that are perfect for the kids and summer. (My 8 yr old was shocked that there was no sugar. She said it was so sweet that she couldn't believe we didn't add any sugar.)

Cucumber Agua Fresca

One of the kids favorite summer drinks. We also made it into popsicles.

Bosch Chiladas

I was reading a Harry Bosch novel and something he was making gave me the idea for this. It is very good even without the tortillas and cheese, just the meat, sauce and veggies. (The rest of the stuff just makes my kids like it better!)

Cucumber Dip for Pita Chips

A dip I made with some things I had on hand. I loved it and wanted to remember it, so here it is.

Parmesan Trout

Quick, easy and does not overwhelm the trout flavor. I have not found another recipe quite like it, even though it is very simple.

Crab, Cucumber & Cream Cheese - California Roll

One of my favorites from the local restaurant, but the lady who works there said it doesn't have a name. I could not find one made like this in the recipes, but it is very close to a regular California Roll.

Cajun Blackened Redfish - Reduced Fat

I entered this recipe earlier and could not figure out why it was so high in fat compared to normal. I finally realized that I had accidentally listed regular Italian dressing instead of the fat free. So here is the recipe in a much more healthy form!

Easy Baked Summer Squash

Something to do with those extra large squash from the garden

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