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Recipes I've Shared:

Not quite California Chicken Salad

My take on the filling from one of my favorite Station Cafe sandwiches, using ingrediants that I like AND usually have around hte house

Quick and low fat Asparagus Pesto

No cooking required! Tastes great on pizza or pasta.

Loose Leaf Chai Tea

Made with black tea and spice blends acquired at local tea shops. Smells wonderful!

I like 2% or evaported skim, to provide richness without extra calories.

Since I don't usually drink sweeteners with my tea, this much honey is super sweet to my taste buds. Adjust the amounts so that they work for you.

Quick and Dirty Watermelon Gazpacho

One evening over "take out" form Whole Foods, I was thinking how great the watermelon might taste with the spicy flavors of the salsa I'd had with chips. I had some very little time and energy the other night, and some food that needed to be used up before vacation, and "voila!"

Best of all, it keeps well in the fridge, so I could take the leftovers for lunch!

Quick dressing for mixed greens

Most of the sodium can be eliminated by leaving out the anchovy paste.

Orzo and Wild Rice

Modified from more complicated recipes seen elswhere. Inspired by a yummy salad I had at Dean and DeLuca at the end of the summer. Can be served hot from the pan, at room temperature, or from the fridge.

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Janet's recipe modified by magazine spinach and riccotta

Janet, my college roomie, introduced me to fettucini coated with ricotta and dried Italian spices. A few years later, I found a magazine recipe that added canned tomatos and frozen spinach to the pasta. I've made variations since then, usually subtituting the fettucini with penne or rigatoni. I sometimes toss in frozen shrimp or slided deli ham to switch things up a bit.

Super Quick Chili

You can whip up this recipe start to finish in about 15 minutes. I serve it with pretzels or crackers, but it also goes well with leftover corn muffins.

I use desert pepper corn black bean roasted red pepper salsa in this recipe because it has black beans in it. When I make this with other brands, I add a small can of black beans when cooking. When choosing salsa, be sure to use either a "chunky" type from a jar, or fresh salsa (available in most grocery deli sections) - both kinds have lots of veggies.

Omlette Mash Up

For those of us who haven't mastered the flip, here's an alternative to an omlette. Think of this as enhanced scrambled eggs.

This is not fat free by any means, but a nice splurge for a fall weekend morning.

Fat free cheese, egg whites, and turkey sausage can be substituted easily, and shorten the cooking time slightly. Because the eggs provide moisture, fat free cheese works especially well in this recipe.

Asian Style Chicken Salad

Not really very Asian, but that's the name given a similar salad sold at a nearby carry-out. Super easy - no cooking required, and a great way to use leftover chicken or turkey. Also tastes great with salmon or smoked trout!

Shrimp Salad

Quick and Easy. I like raw sunflower seeds, but they can also be toasted lightly before sprinkling. For a variation, try using fresh honeydew, plums or mango, mandarin oranges, scallops, lime or mango juice as supplements or alternatives to the ingredients here. I also like to sprinkle a little extra cayenne over the top before I serve this. If you don't like spicy food (you can tell from this recipe that I do!), paprika provides the same effect.