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Recipes I've Shared:

Chick Pea Tuna Curry

A mild yellow curry that can have any leftover veggies thrown in.
Can be a vegan meal without the tuna.

Chia Seed Pudding

Very yummy brekky, snack, dessert

Wild Rice Surprise

This is great with any veggies stirred through

Rice Surprise

This is great with any veggies stirred through

Chicken Casserole

This one-pot dish is a winner in our house with rice, cous cous or mashed potato (leave out the spuds) and any vegies from the garden!

No Fuss Salmon Croquettes

I serve this with my Cauliflower Spring Salad - yum!

Cauliflower Spring Salad

Everything is to taste in this Spring garden produce salad.

Stir Fry Chicken & Rice

This is really a leftovers recipe. Chicken & vegies from making chicken soup.

Tuna Dip

Great on sandwiches, or just as a quick fix when needing full flavour hit. If you want a true dip rather than a sandwich spread, pulverise it in the blender and add more mayo or oil.

Corn Muffins, Vegetarian

Quick snacks, great picnic food, or 2 muffins with a nice salad makes a filling lunch.

Fish Pie

Creamy fish pie

Prawn Corn Curry

Very yummy yellow curry
Can use whatever veggies you like!
Serve with basmati or brown rice.

Potato & Broad Bean (Fava) Stew

Rich and yummy: very filling, doesn't need rice or cous cous, even though you could serve it with either. Good as a main or side dish.

Corn Fritters GF

Nice with all sorts of other vegies thrown in

Chicken Pie - Gluten/Dairy Free

This is best made with leftover chicken and vegetables from making chicken soup. If not, you will need to poach the chicken pieces with skin on in water to cover with carrot pieces, a stems of celery and some leek or onion. Poach for at least 30 mins on low simmer and discard skin, celery, onions and skim fat off broth.

Biscuits, Butternut Snaps Gluten/Dairy Free

I modified these from a traditional snap recipe. You could lower the honey by about 75g and of course use walnuts or any other favourite nut. Make sure the bicarb and baking powder measures are level or they have too much of a zing to them! You can make them half size for half the calories.
N.B. USA friends - our biscuits are your cookies!!

Chicken Patties

I use veggies and chicken from making chicken broth. I let soup go cold in fridge and skim off almost all the fat. If you don't have precooked veggies, just leave them out or steam some up before starting.

French Bread Loaves

2 loaves - can be all white or semi wholemeal like this
Also works as one big loaf

Corn Cob Fritters

Fresh corn from garden best, but could also use canned unsweetened.

Broad Bean (Fava) Dip

Made from fresh beans from the garden is best, but frozen ok too. Make sure you boil beans and de-skin them

Very Good (1 rating)
vegetarian pasta sauce (1 serve = 2/3 cup approx)

I created this nutritious bulk sauce for bottling. I just add fresh or canned pulses/legumes when I use a bottle for spaghetti or vegie lasagne

Apple Tea Cake

I serve this as 20 small pieces

Maccaroni and Cheese

Using light cheese lowers the fat considerably in this recipe. I sometimes do this with fried onions, garlic and mushrooms through the sauce - yum! Also, a dash of mustard powder when making the roux is nice.

salmon cottage pie

Fish variation on shepherd's pie

Pizza Homemade

Makes 6-8 good-sized slices (i.e. family-size pizza)

Can roll into small calzones if you prefer

Can be adapted vegan (no cheese/soy cheese),
vegetarian (rennet-free cheese), or with meat.

Use garlic to flavour if not using cheese (it's like hot bruschetta)

Try half white, half wholemeal flour

Mayonnaise - homemade herbed (1 tsp=1serve)

Use a tsp at a time (sparingly - very rich).
Try a mix of olive & safflower oils if olive oil flavour is too overpowering for you.
Store in fridge in glass jar for a week. Put greaseproof paper or plastic wrap over top of mayonnaise to stop skin developing.

Soured Chicken

A hearty flavour-filled meal