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Recipes I've Shared:

Low Carb Baked Pita Bread

Found on a variety of gluten-free websites, and unsure of origin or creator. I believe this is an open domain recipe, so to speak. If I am incorrect, please send me a private message with proof of copyright and a request to cease and desist, and I will immediately remove the recipe.

GrapeOla Mayonnaise - Immersion Blender Technique

I can't stand olive oil mayonnaise, so I make mine with seed oils whenever possible. GrapeOla is what I had on hand and that is what the nutritional values reflect. Make mayonnaise with walnut, almond, or palm oil for different tastes (I love walnut). Hemp and flax may be too strong.

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

LC Drinks, Mixes, Syrups, and Sauces
LC Breakfasts
Food recipes I make regularly because they are tasty and won't send me into insulin shock.
LC Entrees
Non-breakfast entrees that fit into my insulin-aware diet plans. These are gleaned from all over, tested and adapted to our family's palates.
LC Snacks and Desserts
Sometimes you just have to do it... noshing can still fit into an insulin-aware menu plan!