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Recipes I've Shared:

* Simple Berry Mini Pies (Fast!) no sugar filling *

Simple and fast, a berry pie to fill the void that fattening snack pies left. Its got the same type of thick, jelly berry filling -but you control the sugar! Substitution options are available. Little baking, or no bake at all. It is vegan unless you choose to add light whipped topping. Topping calores not included.

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Sweet Potato muffins!

Heres a little recipe I worked out, and Sweet Potatoes are full of vitamin A! These sweet potato or yam muffins have less than 100 calories each and less than a half a gram of fat each! They come out to just under 1 gram of sugar each, but i use no sugar in them so these are naturally occuring. By the way no these are not "mini-muffins"! Feel free to use regular muffins tins like I did... They are a great harmless snack or breakfast addition. To get your vitamin A be sure to pair it with a healthy dietary fat (we need fat to absorb the A) - breakfast with 1 ounce of reduced fat cheese and a piece of fruit is great! So low cal you can mix and match often- and made with whole wheat flour- so you are getting your healthy whole grains and their awesome antioxidants! Enjoy!
*Don't be scared of the prep time- its just for boiling sweet potatoes. I forgot to add the temperature before but I included it now: 425 F. (its in the recipe text now too) Let them cool completely! Even chilled in the fridge helps them to "set".

Creamy Mushroom Wrap for one... Quick fix!

This is easy, hot, and fast! This quick dish contains lightly sauted mushrooms, onion, and garlic wrapped in one whole wheat soft taco torilla, which has been spread with one 2 tablespoon serving size of whipped cream cheese spread w/ chives!!! I left out the salt, but it is POPPIN' (that means good!) when you add some salt, not too much, but it really livens it up. But some need to watch out for it so I omitted it. You can try adding your favorite spin on it, like red pepper flakes (my personal favorite but I kept it simple for you), or try the many pre-packed seasonings (mrs. dash, old bay garlic and herb, ect.) they REALLY make it good! Enjoy! This is your template! lacto-ovo vegetarian safe (or for those who are really trying to eat beef once a month- and poultry once a week like spark said!!! Ouch!)

Creole seasoned egg sandwhich- FAST!

This might as well be an instant breakfast! It is super quick and you get something hot to take on the road even. I make egg sandwiches often now. Higher fat (about 10 g) but we need that anyway- I eat low fat most of the time so I gotta get it in someplace! Under 300 calories. Less fat and calories if you use egg whites or beaters- I havent used the whites but egg beaters/mixes are fine. A little spicy and yum! Would be ovo-vegetarian. No thats not my big gulp soda!!!! Just talking about the picture :)

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Quick Goat Cheese Crumble Pita Pizza

This single serving quick mini-meal is one of my little creations. Its great if your in a hurry but want something fun and even a little exotic you could say! It can be the main course in a lunch, or even a side for a creative dinner. Its even filling as a snack. I checked around and cheese seems to be considered vegetarian. I used basic ingredients so anyone can get ahold of them. I do suggest that if you have time you can throw in the fresh versions in an amount to your taste preference. Also you can use whatever type of sweetener for the sauce you like, however I use calorie free sweetener. Its a great starter recipe if you want to add your own variations too. (lacto-vegetarian)

Provencal Apple Salad... For one.

Diced Fuji apples tossed with Provencal Goat Cheese. This is a super quick snack or side and really YUM! Provencal Goat Cheese is creamy and highlighted by Thyme, Basil, and Red sweet Peppers. The Fuji apples are the best I have found for this salad and they are a great match. Its a nice treat with a little over one serving of fruit and about one serving of cheese. If you can find a super sweet deal on Provencal Goat Cheese crumbles you should try this!

Recipe Collections I've Shared:

Meals for ONE: Single serving cookbook
Here are some meals I have made as I've been dropping weight. I am in a hurry a lot and often wait till the last second to eat so these are fairly quick to prepare too.
~The Whole Grain Baking Experiment~
I officially love to bake now! And be sure I am using whole grains! Did you know that they rival or exceed antioxidant levels in other popular sources!?! They have also been linked with lower BMI!
Quick, calorie friendly, and "makes single servings" recipes
These are some recipes I have gethered up over time. I like the mini berry pies. They are batch made in 6 servings, but they are single servings (just over 150 cals) to help control portions. Other fast and easy recipes.