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Recipes I've Shared:

homemade vanilla creamer

This is an excellent recipe for all natural (NO chemicals), healthy (honey instead of sugar) creamer!!

deer & Onions

just deer stew meat sauted in onions and garlic

Elk with Zucchini Italiano!

this is a yummy way to cook up portions ahead of time and pop them in the freezer. Then is is thaw, heat & eat! This is also good over wild rice or whole wheat pasta!

Remember to look for stewed tomatoes with ONLY the tomatoes and a little salt - or as little sugar as possible - organic is ALWAYS great for any ingredients - home canned tomatoes are the best!!

Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar Dressing

This recipe makes about 12 tablespoons of dressing - which I count as 6 servings. I use Sea Salt instead of table salt, so the sodium is actually lower. This is a yummy way to add some zing to your salads! I am also going to try it on meats when I cook them - it just sounds like it would be good :-)

Shrimp, tomatoes & Rice

Just a little something I tossed together to get in my protien, grains, carbs, and "fruit"!!

Elk Salsa (or Dancing Elk Burger lol)

This is great as a meaty side or main dish. My daughter would want it over rice or pasta ...when cooking for myself I divide it into four servings and freeze two of them! When I need more grains I cook a serving of brown rice or whole wheat pasta to put this over... and if I'm feeling daring I sprinkle a little parmesan over the top!!

chicken and mushrooms

something I just threw together lol I like to make up a mess of yummy chicken at once, then wrap or package individual servings so that they are ready to warm up and eat throughout the week. Since it is only me here, I like to do a mess of cooking at a time then I don't have to cook for several days :) This one should also freeze and thaw well. Just put individual servings in their own "snack" ziplocks, and then put each little ziplock into a big ziplock and they are ready to thaw, heat, and eat!

Spiced Up Refried Beans

This is an adaption to Jillian Michael's "Drunken Beans" recipe from her book "Mastering Your Metabolism"

Organic Penne Pasta with Almond Tomato Sauce

This recipe came from Jillian Michael's book "Mastering Your Metabolism"

Zucchini & Onions

This can be made with any type of onion. I prefer to use purple or red whenever possible in my cooking. this makes an excellent side dish!

Joe's Special with Elk and/or Deer

This is a variation of a recipe my mom had for Joe's Special (originally made with hamburger). It's full of protien and vitamins and yummy to boot! If you have room in your meal plan... it is extra good topped with parmesan cheese, but it's good without it :)

It makes 20 cups. I put it in meal size containers and freeze it for a quick meal. The recipe is easily cut in half :)

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