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Loralee's Beef Stew

Again, just guessing on the number and size of servings. :)


Sometimes I add fresh onion, or other fresh veggies. Sometimes I add salsa.
But this is just my basic, plain old chili recipe.

I make this much to serve my family of ten. Some love it, some hate it (Kids!). I don't know how much each serving is.

Pecan-Crusted French Toast with Apples

This is NOT a dessert—although it could be. :-) But you're not given the choice of "breakfast" in the main categories.

Whatever you call it, it's kind of a decadent breakfast. For sheer naughtiness you could top it with whipped cream. But I didn't do that, and extra calories and nutrition info. are NOT calculated into the recipe.


Easy Chicken Fiesta Soup

A super-easy Mexican-type soup that makes a nice, quick lunch (with lots of leftovers!)

Banana Smoothie

Slice and freeze your bananas ahead of time. :)
Or use any frozen fruit.

Very Good (1 rating)
Simple Seafood Stew

You could substitute about a pound of your favorite fish/seafood for what's listed here. :)

Southwest Chicken

I saw a recipe kind of like this one on SP the other day; but when I went back to find it again and make it, I couldn't remember what it was called and it was lost to me forever.
So this is what I came up with instead. Pretty good. :-)


A chilled, summer-vegetable soup.

Very Good (9 ratings)
Beef & Broccoli

Delicious Asian-restaurant-style dish!
You can use any veggies you like--in pretty much any quantity you like. (I make lots, for a BIG family!)

(?) with White Beans and Tomatoes

Originally this dish is Lamb with White Beans. I usually make it with a lean pork loin roast because it's less expensive and more readily available around here. But you can just cook the tomatoes and beans and serve them over brown rice or pasta--and it is delicious.

For a very nice main dish, press a pork-loin roast down into the bean and tomato mixture; sprinkle the meat with salt, rosemary and thyme and baste with juices from the pan. Roast at 300 for 2-3 hours.

OR Just cook the tomato/bean stuff on the stove and then press some leftover chicken breast pieces into it; then cook until the chicken is heated through.

[You're on your own to get the nutritional values for the meat, if you add it. :-) ]

OR just use the tomato/bean mixture, as is, over brown rice or pasta.

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Loralee's Cookbook
Just making my recipe box public so my sweetie can track his meals too. :) I almost never make a recipe the same way twice. But the biggest change I make will be to either add more veggies, or more or fewer spices. Really, it won't change the calorie count that much.