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Recipes I've Shared:

Luc's Chicken Enchiladas

Another great recipe from a friend while we were in Okinawa. It the enchilada recipe we measure all others from.

Manicotti (using uncooked shells)

We got this recipe from our neighbor, Linda, when we lived in Okinawa. But then we made some changes. I love that you don't boil the pasta first.


Simply an indulgence.

Mighty Meatloaf

My family refused to even try meatloaf cooked in the bread pan, swimming in its own grease. so I started using a drip pan (broiler pan or in our case, our Chicago pizza pan set) to allow any grease to drop away.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Dense flavors, satisfying meal - definitely reserved for special occasions, if you enbibe on more than a single meatball. The pasta portion is 3/4 cup cooked, the sauce minimal, and the meal is supplemented with an ample serving of green beans. Avoid adding bread, unless calories and carbs are not an issue. :)

During tomato season, we don't use canned tomatoes, we parboil to remove the skins and cook the fresh romas (this year we're growing San Marzanos) down to make the sauce - this greatly reduces the sodium content and increases the flavor, but takes more time. The ingredients remain the same.

Apple Sauce Cake

Complex, tasty spice cake, prepared in a tube pan.

Pineapple Upside-down Cake

My mom's specialty. A cast-iron pan is essential.

Okinawa Doughnuts

This is a traditional island recipe - made for the kids when we live there.

Grandma's Broccoli Soup

Lunch time with Grandma!

Pumpkin Squares

Seasonal treat.

Thai Seasoned Stuffed Green Peppers

A twist on an old stand-by!

(Another version of this would be to replace the Thai chili paste with Thai curry paste)

Zucchini Poppers

We've used this recipe for a while. We like the mini-muffin pans for portion control.

Banana Nut Muffins

Use over-ripe bananas to make these tasty mini-muffins.

Mint Tomato Salad with beans

Fresh mint makes this show stopper.

Hot (BBQ) Beef Salad

Grind the seasonings to create a zesty rub to BBQ the London Broil. Serve thinly sliced beef over bed of lettuce and cucumbers and drizzle with sesame sauce.

Dragon's Stew

This is a tarragon-based (dragon's herb) recipe. We used a lean beef for the stew - but you can use any cut you prefer. Calorie/fat content will change with your choice of beef.

I think some peasants bread would be a great compliment - but if you want avoid those extra carbs, use your fork or spoon to mash the potatoes. They will absorb the excess fluid and thicken the sauce.

The taste is surprisingly unique, and will stay with you even after you've finished eating your portion.

Marinated Salad Veggies

Tangy and healthy way to flavor your salad veggies. Sage derives from the Latin "salvare", which means to heal or to save; and Rosemary - used religiously for remembrance of those passed on - can actually help your thinking and memory.

Quick Chili

No time to cook your own beans? This tangy chili is quick and satisfying.