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Spicy Mexican Chicken & Rice

A quick something we whipped up one night

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Chocolate Banana Protein Shake

This is so delicious and tastes just like a chocolate banana milk shake!!!!!

Morning Mocha Smoothie

Im a coffee drinker. I always have been a coffee drinker and I probably always will be a coffee drinker.

Im also not a breakfast person, but I know its important to eat (or in my case, drink) breakfast every day.

Here is a quick, simple delicious recipe that gives me my coffee of the day, and some nutrition to boot.

(Hint: If you really like this recipe, I suggest making ice cubes out of coffee and keeping them on hand in the freezer, it gives a stronger coffee flavor without adding calories)

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Morning Fruit Smoothie

This is a very low calorie great morning smoothie which makes 2 servings.

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