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PALEO - Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie

Credit - primally

I use this for a breakfast smoothie. Use organic when you can. Oranges are a powerhouse when it comes to good nutrition! Loaded with vitamin C, A,minerals and antioxidants, oranges are well known to boost the immune system, detoxify the body and lessen inflammation. The high vitamin C content helps destroy free radicals that harm the body, making it a great choice for a detoxifying smoothie.


Breakfast Banana Smoothie

So easy! Are you looking to use up those bananas? Does someone in your house have a cold and need a nutritional drink that is tasty and filling?

Did you know that a banana a day can keep the doctor away?

Here are some health benefits:
1) are a good energy source
2) are rich in potassium
3) can promote bowel health
4) can lift your spirits
5) can help your overall mood
6) can increase your brain power
7) can reduce the effects of a hangover
8) are great for women that are pregnant!
9) are great for mosquito bites
10) can soothe ulcers
11) are rich in iron
12) are a good fertilizer
13) can be used to treat warts

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