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Dollbabe56's (Haley's) Creamy Pumpkin Pie

This is the best pumpkin pie recipe I've ever made, and it is the wonderful concoction of my daughter's delightful friend, Haley. Thank you Haley. :)

Oatmeal Cookies

from Calling All Cooks vol. 1

Dollbabe56's Homemade Yougurt

I found this recipe online, but can't remember where... it takes quite some time to make (all afternoon +5 hrs. to set) and for me that means all day. :) BUT, it is well worth the effort.

Dollbabe56's (Yeast Free, Sugar Free) Banana Oat Cookies

From The Yeast Connection Cookbook
Very good - but don't keep well

Buckwheat and Almond Flour Flatbread (yeast free)

I have to cut out all yeast and sugars, so I'm trying new recipes. While these have a very strong taste, and are not my favorite by any means, they are filling. I have to have some butter on them to even make them palatable. lol

Dollbabe56's (Julia's) Blackberry Cobbler

Very high in calories - but worth it on a special occasion.

Dollbabe56's Lawler's White Barbeque Sauce

This is a dipping sauce from our favorite local BBQ place. It's great with chicken.

Dollbabe56's Chicken, Cheese, Lettuce Roll-ups

I make this for lunch and round it out with baby carrots and Quakes on the side.

Dollbabe56's Homemade Low Fat Granola w/Walnuts and Almonds

I found this recipe on the internet about 3 years ago. I don't remember where though. It is terrific, and even my family love to eat it as a snack. I like with yogurt and fruit. Yum.

Dollbabe56's Sunshine Cake

I found this recipe years ago in a Prevention? magazine, I believe. I revised it a little. It is yummy!

Dollbabe56's Hummus

This recipe is from Love Yourself Thin by Victoria Moran.

Dollbabe56's Ground Beef Goulash

This is EMCAZIER's recipe with the ground turkey replace with ground sirloin beef. (EMCAZIER, I hope you don't mind that I revised your recipe for our tastes - we don't like ground turkey.

Dollbabe56's Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake

I found this recipe at CDKitchen - I think it is soooo good!

Here is the Recipe Location:
BR>Recipe ID: 71159

Dollbabe56's Chocolate-Citrus Cake

I'm making this recipe for my daughter's 29th birthday - I got this from Southern Living magazine.

Dollbabe56's Basil Pesto

I found this in an old cookbook that I love. Although this is not low calorie, you get 4 servings out of it. Serve this tossed with hot whole wheat pasta! yummm.... You can use a little in soup, or rub all over chicken before roasting it.

Dollbabe56's (Mom's) Macaroni and Cheese

My Hubby's dear mom would make this for our girl's (and us) every time we'd visit. This is another higher calorie recipe, but I'd rather watch my portions with this. I don't make this often, but we really enjoy it when I do.

Dollbabe56's White Layer Cake

Recipe is from Southern Living - I make only for very special occasions.

Very Good (7 ratings)
Dollbabe56's Eggless French Toast

This recipe is from "Love Yourself This" by Victoria Moran