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Recipes I've Shared:

Grain Free Bread

basic bread that I use for as a base of "bread crust" pizzas, croutons, sandwiches, etc. Also works somewhat for drop dumplings (make dough a little thicker).

Squash Frittata

The flavor is SO MUCH better if you grate your own cheeses.

All-purpose Flour Mix (Gluten Free, Coconut Free ) PER CUP

The All purpose flour mix I use. I get most of the flours/starches at

Potato - Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Turn baked potatoes into cheesy mashed potatoes in less than 5 minutes (MICROWAVE)

Alfredo sauce - Wheat Free & Corn Free

Alfredo sauce that has no wheat, no corn, no coconut oil. Simple to make

Mystery Meat (Taco meat, all-purpose meat) - 1/2 cup serving

called mystery meat because we never know what we are going to use it for.

Veggie Stir Fry

very simple stir-fry.

Zucchini "Pizzas"

A low carb alternative to pizza.

Omelet - 2 protein, low-carb

For the eating plan which I am following, this should count as 2 proteins, as far as I understand the plan.

Kale and Veggie Soup Low Carb

Based on my understanding of the weigh station eating plan, I count 1 cup of soup as 1 protein and 2 veggies

No Carb Cheesecake-type dessert

This is as close to cheesecake as I have yet been able to achieve. The texture is a bit grainy - but for a no-carb choice, better than I expected. Taste is very good.

broccoli soup Low Fat, low carb

Makes a creamy broccoli soup that is low in carbs and in calories. DO NOT microwave this to heat it up - the soup will curdle.

Beef, Squash and Snap Pea stir fry

I am on stage 2 of the Weigh Station eating plan. This is a recipe I made for this stage of the plan. I counted it as 2-3 oz meat (2-3 servings protein) and 1 serving of veggies.

Chicken - Creamy Chicken Soup

Basic soup for 2 1/2 protein servings, based on my understanding of the Weigh Station diet. I am in Stage 2 and this is the first recipe I have designed for this style of eating. Similar to Stage 2 of South Beach diet.

Smoothie with Frozen Fruit (1 cup serving)

A quick smoothie that the kids love. It is one of their favorite treats and a great base for homemade ice cream machines to make frozen yogurt

Hobo Chicken Stew

An oven version of the "hobo stew" we make when camping. Same idea works well with beef or venison.

Shepherd's Pie with Venison - 3/4 cup

A casserole made with leftover meat and vegetables. Any meat will do, as will most non-acidic vegetables (no tomatoes, for example).

Strawberry smoothie

The kids make this quite often for their after school treat

Soymilk Rice Pudding

Simple, easy rice pudding. If want to use dairy, use 2% milk and double the sugar. Made this for my niece who is allergic to dairy. She is 3 and she loved the recipe.

Potato and Onion Fritatta - 1/2 cup serving

To reduce calories and cholesterol and fat considerably, substitute some or all of the eggs with egg beaters.

Potato Soup - 1 cup

Very simple potato soup, quiick to make, kids like it a lot.

Can use this as a base recipe for pot pies and other casseroles.

Chili - Dave's Chili - 1 cup servings

A mild, simple chili suitable for use as chili or as topping for potatoes, chips, etc. Kids like this one.

To reduce sodium significantly, use dried beans that have been soaked overnight. Then, add 1 3/4 cup bean and 1 1/4 cup of water for each can of beans.

Yam noodles and stir fry veggies - 3/4 cup

Simple stir fry that the kids like.

Korean Meat Patties

My Friend Eun taught me to make these. Mine are not as good as hers, but they are getting better. The vegetables can be any type, as long as the amount equals or exceeds the amount of meat. The flour and water are simply to make a paste and bind the mixture. You could use egg beaters to reduce cholesterol (likewise ground chicken instead of beef)

Squash Pizza

Pizza using squash as the crust - low carb and pretty good. Can also use a slice of tomato sprinkled with the spices instead of the sauce blended with the spices. Both taste great!

Venison Chili Beans

A simple chili. To reduce sodium, use dried beans that have been soaked over night and cook for most of the day. Can also use fresh tomatoes that have been chunked - might want to use about 3 cups of them and about 2 cups of water.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Dessert - Cinnamon Cream Cheese Fried Wontons - per wonton

These are not the healthiest wontons, but you could reduce the fat by using weight watcher's cream cheese or fat free cream cheese. You can substitute a stevia or truvia for the sugar. However, I make them the way listed and eat ONE. Which means they are a great, little dessert, and not bad to eat. They freeze well.

salmon filets - Lemon poached

Very simple, delicious salmon recipe - even my picky family members will eat this.

Hot Vanilla Milk

My son's favorite hot drink.

pot stickers - per individual potsticker

Kristy's recipe that she showed me. The original had pork and soy sauce. We added the chicken and teryaki sauce. Both types are wonderful.

Meatballs - 1 serving is 4 meatballs

This makes a lot of meatballs. I freeze them without sauce and add sauce when I heat them up for the next dinner. Some of my family members eat these like mini hamburgers. Other put them in sauce and eat them like meatballs on spaghetti. I like the spaghetti route!

Also, if you are not lactose intolerant, adding 1 cup of parmesan cheese tastes great. However, it does change the nutritional count.

Spaghetti Sauce - Homemade - 1/2 cup serving

This recipe makes about 6 quarts - which is 48 1/2-cup servings. When I make a batch, I freeze several dinner size portions so that I have a quick meal.

Pinto Beans base recipe - low salt, 1 cup serving

This recipe makes a basic bean - drained beans can be frozen for use later. Drained beans can be used for making refried beans. Beans and broth can be used as is or as a base for bean soups or chili.

When we eat these beans as is, we serve them over biscuits and potatoes. We have sides of cheese and salad.

Potato - Wendy Silverman's Potato Latkas

My Friend Wendy Silverman gave me the recipe for these.

Chicken - Cream of Chicken - 1/3 cup per serving

A recipe we use as a gravy for biscuits and potatoes or as a base for potpie, casseroles or as a soup when we are sick. Very low sodium and low fat.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Chicken - Stewed Chicken for broth and base recipe

The basic broth/chicken that I use for lots of other recipes. This is mild, unless you want to add additional spices. It is also very low calorie and low sodium.

Soy Cheesecake

This is a great cheesecake for anyone. I made it for my sister who is allergic to dairy, but the whole family enjoyed it.

Pumpkin EggNog

To make this less fat, use fat free half and half. I calculated the calories with regular half and half and with eggbeaters.

This is also delicious when soy creamer is used for the half and half.

Stuffing with homemade croutons

Recipe for homemade croutons and then the dressing made from the croutons. It is best to make the croutons the day before you make the dressing.

Cranberry Orange Sauce - serving is 2 tablespoons

A delicious sauce that even people who do not like cranberry sauce seem to like.

Beef - Stew Beef Base for CrockPot Cooking - 1/2 cup serving

This is the base for beef stew, pot pie or other beef dishes.

We use it as an all-purpose base to start the week's recipes.

For example, Monday is beef and gravy on rice, part of the leftovers on Tuesday become pot pie, Wednesday uses another bit of the leftovers with some sour cream and egg noodles. Thursday sees the last of the leftovers turned into vegetable soup or beef stew. By Friday we are tired of beef and eat vegetables.

beef stew for a crowd

A large pot of beef stew suitable for a potluck or family dinner. As a time saver, you can use store bought stew-beef, but the quality is not as good and the fat content is higher than pot roast you cut and trim yourself.

Also, this is a great prep it and leave it recipe.

Beef Gravy for Biscuits

Easy, basic beef gravy. I use leftover roast. Or if there is left over steak, I mince it and freeze it until there is enough for this gravy. Spices you might want to add include Pepper, salt and tumeric. Onion and Garlic are also good.

Biscuits - Homemade - Wheat based

Homemade biscuits. When my grandmother taught me to make them, we used 4% milk and crisco or butter. Lard also was lovely. These are lighter and directions are included to make them without milk (using soy milk instead).

Egg Salad - simple

A very simple egg salad. Quick to make and the kids like it a lot.

Soup - Barely Counts Soup - 1 cup serving

A soup that is very filling, but does not have lots of calories. If you use homemade broth and rinse the canned items in a colander, it also does not have a lot of sodium. And very little fat.

potato - Oven Potato Wedges

Cross between a baked potato and french fries. The kids love them and I am love that they are healthy for the kids. Can vary the spices to make them barbeque or spicy. Can use Sweet potatoes and cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat.

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