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Incredible! (1 rating)

this recipe came from my GT EXPRESS 101 cookbook, and I love it!! but i wanted to make it healthier, and also offer a way to cook it even if you don't have a GT EXPRESS machine. makes a good side dish or easy main meal. you can use corn chowder without chicken for vegetarian prep. omitting the topping reduces fat and calories even further.

kielbasa and potato skillet

yummy good comfort food! my DH is a meat and potatoes man and this is right up his alley. i use one light kielbasa and one regular, but using two light kielbasa's will lower your calories and fat some. this is 8 generous 1+ cup servings. great for cold weather!!

rainy day breakfast scramble

this makes two nice servings, with fruit and coffee, and is a great sunday breakfast! easily doubles for a family

my chicken cacciatore spaghetti sauce

this yummy sauce is so easy and can be made in the time it takes to boil your noodles

southwest mac and cheese

this is delicious!! i made this up when i was making mac and cheese and my jar of ragu exploded in the microwave, leaving me with not enough sauce for my whole pot of macaroni noodles.... so i improvised, and its good!!

lemon white chocolate mousse

yummy!!!!! sooooo good. makes 6 servings approximately half cup each

tami's hamburger helper healthy makeover

make hamburger helper tastier and less boring! make this up and some brown rice, and serve about 1/2 cup over the brown rice.... yummy and nutricious! therefore, since you're eating it over rice it makes about 8 servings. if you don't eat it with rice, i would say it makes about 5 or 6 but the nutritional info will be different. also, you could omit the sharp cheddar

rhonda's potato casserole

my friend rhonda gave me this recipe. this is delicious and really easy.

sweet and savory chicken salad

this yummy chicken salad is great for sandwiches or eating with crackers, or on top of lettuce. i have even had it stuffed inside cherry tomatoes as an appetizer! it makes 10 to 12 sandwiches or serves numerous people with crackers.

sante fe cornbread

this cornbread is full of corn and green peppers, and is so delicious! its low in saturated fat and high in protein for a side dish

chili mac

this has protein, carbs, and fiber!
the calorie count is a little high, but this is a warm filling meal that really needs no accompaniment other than maybe a salad.

Very Good (1 rating)
lite creamy gelatin dessert

based on another sparker recipe, but made with lite whipped topping, not fat free, and regular jello, not sugar free

Very Good (1 rating)
italian crockpot chicken (for pasta)

you put this in the crockpot in the morning and cook it all day on low and it will be ready to serve when you get home! just boil your noodles and throw together a salad and dinner's ready!

ranch potatoes

i make these for a quick easy side dish

chocolate strawberry smoothie

use this delicious recipe i came up with for a quick grab and go breakfast, its nutricious and filling

Very Good (1 rating)
yummy glazed homemade meatloaf

this meatloaf is sooo good! i have been making this for years, i adapted the recipe from an old betty crocker cookbook to suit my tastes and lower the fat content.

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