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Mostly Vegan Veggie Pasta Alfredo

Leave out the Pecorino cheese, and it's all vegan! If you don't have a Vitamix, you can make the sauce in a food processor, but you'll have to soak your cashews for about 2-3 hrs first.

Creamy Quinoa and Kale Warm Salad

Pure YUM! The sauce and kale are raw, so it's almost completely a raw vegan dish. I got this from a blog, but can't remember who. If I find it again, I'll be sure to credit the author, because it's pure genius!

Vegan Healthy Orange Julius

This is my second version, and the most healthy and low in fat so far!

Vegan Agave Sweetened Chocolate Cupcakes

This recipe is originally from "The Joy of Vegan Baking" cookbook, and gives original credit to Jennifer Raymond's cookbook entitled "The Peaceful Palate". It originally calls for 3/4 cup granulated sugar, but I have successfully converted the recipe to use agave instead. I found that the smaller amount of agave is not quite that sweet, but would be great for my molten cupcakes. Alone, you would want to use the 3/4 cup for a sweeter cake, although I haven't tried that larger amount yet. Now, my goal is to get this converted to using almond flour for a gluten free (and even healthier) delight!

Incredible! (2 ratings)
Bean Burgers

This is from the Fat Free Vegan. It can be changed easily by using different beans (Kidney, etc), and different seasonings (smoke flavoring vs the chipotles). They can be frozen too, after cooking (or before), then taken out for a quick meal, instead of a Boca burger.

Molten Chocolate CupCakes (Vegan)

The cake part is from "The Joy of Vegan Baking", but I added the molten center, and it's absolutely fantastic!
I just wish the calories were lower so I could eat more of these!
You can do a batch and a half of the molten fudge center to add even more fudginess, but I needed to cut down on the calories in each. Enjoy!

Cheezy Potato Onion Chowder

Again, my family loved this!

Cheeze Sauce (GF)

My family hasn't questioned the dishes I've used this in...they apparently think it's real cheese!
You can use regular flour, but potato flour makes it gluten free!

Cheezy Veggie Bean Chili

YUM!! I was craving something cheesy, Buffalo chicken wingy, tomato-y, chili-like. So I came up with this!

Vegan Chocolate Pudding, Creamy & Rich

Tastes just like a gourmet version of the one in the pop-top cans you ate as a kid. The original recipe, which I believe was in Vegetarian Times magazine, used soymilk, but almond milk tastes just as good, and is much lower in calories. I also substitute agave, and the original recipe uses the cane sugar. The nutritional info is based on having agave nectar, not the cane sugar, in the recipe. I like to add a Tb of organic peanut butter for each serving (4 Tb for a recipe) at the end of cooking when it's hot, so it melts in nicely, but firms up and tastes awesome. Enjoy!

MimicCreme Fettucini Alfredo Sauce

I use a nice whole wheat spaghetti with this. Break it in half when you put it into the water (or you can break it into fourths for even easier to eat pasta). The sauce soaks into the pasta, and with the real cheese, this tastes like Olive Garden's alfredo sauce, but without all the artery clogging cream and butter! It's not something you'd want to eat every night, but perfect for a special occasion when you want something cheesy and creamy, but as mostly vegan as possible. Of course, to make it completely vegan, use vegan parmesan cheese.

Christina Cooks Chocolate Brownies

From Christina Pirello's Book "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Whole Foods but were Afraid to Ask."
These are called Cinnamon Chocolate Brownies in the book, but I don't care for cinnamon w/ chocolate, so I eliminated it. These are my fave vegan brownies!!

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