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Recipes I've Shared:

Meatloaf Pie

adapted from

Lemon Pepper Chicken Pasta Casserole

made with leftover lemon pepper chicken cooked in a bag...used juices that were in the bag for chicken broth.

Incredible! (1 rating)
Apple Pie Shots

Just wanted to add this to the database for my own use...I have a shot every now and then. Yummy!

Ham Soup

I'm the only one in the house that likes pea soup, so when I have a ham bone I'm always looking for new recipes. I made this one up after running out of recipes. It's quite delicious and low fat and low cal - I was surprised because usually my made-up recipes are not exactly diet-friendly.

Chicken Piccata

I found this most delicious quick dinner in Barefoot Contessa At Home recipe book. It's high in calories and fat, but has a lot of nutrients as well. Some salt can be reduced if you'd like.

Very Good (1 rating)
Big Oven Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

This is the best recipe I've ever seen for scalloped potatoes and ham. It takes awhile to make the sauce, but it's well worth the extra effort.

Sesame Hash Brown Potato Casserole

Mom served this for Christmas dinner...the sesames are toasted on top and add so much flavor and texture to the casserole. This is truly a delicious comfort food.

Maitre d' Butter

I made this butter to give away as gifts to people this year for Christmas. A small pat atop a sizzling steak or chop gives a zingy yumminess.

Cheryl's Taco Dip

This is the best taco dip ever - I've been making this for over 20 years - I obtained this recipe from a family friend who is one of the best cooks I have ever met in my life. I am always asked to bring this recipe to functions.

Kitchen Sink Pasta Salad

A great way to use up leftover pasta and has lots of veggies

Decadent Saucy Chicken Breasts

I know this meal is high in calories and fat and sodium, but it can easily be adapted as a low-cal, low fat meal by incorporating ingredients of same instead of what I have listed here. I designed this meal in a pinch and had to track the nutritional information correctly.

Chicken & Vegetable Curry Stiry-Fry

I adapted a recipe I found in a book quite a few years ago for Corn, Chicken and Pepper Kabobs which were marinated in olive oil, curry powder and Lemon Juice. I love the taste and use it in this stir fry as well.

Del's Olive Cream Cheese Spread

This recipe came from my husband's grandmother; we had it for every family gathering. I've been making it for over 20 years now and it never gets old.

Best Wild Rice Casserole

My mother-in-law gave me this recipe a few years ago and no Thanksgiving or Christmas Dinner is complete without it in our family gatherings now.

Mixed Juice Viniagrette

No fat light juice to sprinkle over salad with nuts and fruit.

All the Fat Chicken Salad

I won't sacrifice taste for caloric intake, at least at this point in my life; this is the chicken salad we love in our family with no nuts and no fruit!

Pork Rib & Saurkraut Soup

I used up a slow-cooked meal of Sauerkraut, potatoes and pork riblets to start this soup. I've done this before and it is so yummy, I had to write it down this time. The taste is perfect.

Danish Potato Soup

I found this recipe on and needed to add it out here to get the true nutritional values. This soup is easy and delicious.

Pickled Egg Salad

This is a quick egg salad that can be eaten as is or smeared on bread of your choice.

Easy Italian Cheese Spread

A quick cheese I threw together with ingredients on hand to stuff pasta shells with. Ended up being a delicious snack with crackers as well.